30 April 2011


Do you have the moments where you run to the lecturer's office to submit your assignment? Have you ever seen someone doing his work on the bus because he/she has to submit it after the lecture? Have you finished your high school homework, honestly? 

For the last question, I know most of us have not even finished their school work. While I am doing my work which I think might have finished by now if I started earlier, I think this is truly the root problem in Malaysia (I know, I always think from the national perspective, so what?). We always blame this and that (blaming the Government particularly as what is for if not to be blamed, yes even for a sex video, right?) but we never thought of blaming it on our attitude. Look at the traffic summons counter, they always come late and when the queue is long, they become angry saying this and that while they commit the offence in the first place. I even saw one picture of a man smiling while holding a long sheet of receipt after he paid all of the summonses. He was so 'proud' for having such a long list of 'activities' that may put others to death on the road. 

Yes, they are many wrong things happening around us and there always will be but the thing that will make a difference is our reaction towards them. We have to do our part to. It's your life and you are responsible about your own life and how you react.

This is why our productivities are low. We say the citizens of this and that countries are good, but we never try to emulate the way they work.

Procrastination is a very serious problem. While some may say they work the best at the last moment, I beg to differ. You work the best in the condition because you have never tried working without procrastinating! I have done some last-minute jobs and they turned out great, Alhamdulillah! But, they are not as excellent as others. I have also tried to finish my work earlier than others before and the final result sucked. See? I guess the difference is not whether we do it at the last minute or not. The problem is how we deal with the time given to us. When I did the work in a longer period, I was more relaxed and got distracted easily because my mind say 'it's okay, there are still more time left'. So, the work became sucked. 

However, at the last minute, you focused so hard and that's why you scored. You were not distracted. But I recalled the feelings and emotions while doing it at the last minute. It was horrible. I was sweating 'peluh jeruk' as the Trengganu people may say it. For me, it was not worth it. 

Then, you keep telling yourself that you will never do it again. But, you WILL do it again. Self-control is the cause of procrastination too. When we forget to control ourselves and our priorities, we procrastinate. Let us try to change and become disciplined, focused and responsible in everything that we do. I am telling myself and you about this. 

We must not only appreciate the times we have, but we MUST maximise them. We must use the time to the fullest to achieve our goals. We always recite this surah from Quran but have we ever lived with the meaning and its purpose?

In the name of Allah, Most Gracious, Most Merciful.

1. By (the Token of) Time (through the ages),
2. Verily Man is in loss,
3. Except such as have Faith, and do righteous deeds, and (join together) in the mutual teaching of Truth, and of Patience and Constancy.

So, kawan-kawan, let us do our work with faith, patience and consistency. That will repel the procrastination. 

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