05 May 2011

Barack bin Osama (baca)

If you stay outside of Milky Way now, it is forgiveable that you have no idea that Osama was killed by the American soldiers (that was what the American leaders said and wanted us to believe). I would say this for the first time but Obama seems very  stupid to my eyes now. 

He said, " Justice has been done.". Really Obama? You said that? Really?

Considering that you were a law student, you must have a grasp on the subject of so-called 'justice' much more (not better) than this average geology student. Surprisingly, the Americans are approving your 'justice'-fication on the death of Osama. That is a collective stupidity at work but not all of them are. What justice means to the Americans are different than the rest of the world but they never try to understand that. When you preach others to make their countries to be as democratic as the 'America' you are oppressing them to follow you rule. To do so, we must emulate the Americans according to you. And most Americans (who are by the way has one of the worst performing students in OECD countries ) are so proud of themselves that they don't have to learn about the rest of the world. 

While you are so proud with your ability to put 'justice' at the 'right' place, you are unable to prove that he was the mastermind behind the terrorist act publicly. While you may say that it is a confidential matter, not to be publicly released then why should you tell other countries to open their own secrets in the name of democracy. Worse, most stupid Americans (who are mostly classify Asians as one single tribe, most think we are all Chinese) also believe in the Government that has killed thousand of men and women in the name of 'justice'. The worst thing is that many Malaysians too subscribe to your idea of justice. Even the one who call themselves Muslim. I'm not pointing finger to anyone but this group is always comprise of the ones who say they boycott the Americans and the Israeli products but they go to Starbucks. Stupidity infection. Duh, the Americans are smart and cool, that's why we have to follow them but I boycott their products because others are doing it too in Malaysia. I don't want to be left out. &^*&!

A friend of mine from another country said to me that I must be very sad because my spiritual leader has gone. I don't know if the two words coalesce in the Muslim world but I'm very sure that Obama is neither of that to me. You see what misunderstanding you have given to the world, Bush Bush! I'm not suggesting that he was not the one who  did or did not plan the attack, but the consequences from your serious accusations or statements or actions to the Muslim world are unacceptable. Yeah, attacking the Afghanistan and Iraq is neither because they are Muslim but because we want to kill the Muslim men and women. You know, we are not good in diplomatic discussion (musyawwarah) that's why we did that. We had no other choice but to attack the countries and kill the children who protect Osama. And for Iraq, there is no other suitable day but to 'ask' the so-called Iraqi-led government to execute the death of Saddam on Eid-ul Adha. Well, we are smart and powerful so we can do anything. That is what justice is all about right, Obama? OOOOOBBBBBAAAAAAMAAAAAAA!

I think this blogger puts it in the best way  

Millions of people are dead in the name of God/freedom/democracy.

Livelihoods destroyed. Futures ripped apart and torn into pieces.
And the death of one man constitutes as justice?
I want answers. I want the truth out. I want the name of Islam cleared of all he has done.
But I guess that won't be happening now.
We'll have to wait for Allah's Court of Judgement.

"For me, this type of celebration would have been justifiable in only two circumstances: 1) if we had captured Bin Laden or 2) if we had somehow managed to “win” the war (ha). This event may have provided “closure” to some, but it’s essentially illusory– and we’re admitting this fact when we say it was a “symbolic victory.” Killing Bin Laden doesn’t hammer any nail into the terrorist coffin– in fact, I think it’s safe to say things are going to be even more volatile now than they were before. Someone else is going to try extra hard to step up to the plate in his absence.

And… killing Bin Laden doesn’t change the fact that we are fighting wars for extremely questionable reasons. Or the fact that we are fighting enemies that can’t ever be fully defeated.

I respect the vigils. I would have had more respect for the cheering and singing and the drunken antics if we had captured the man rather than put a bullet through his head. As it stands, all we are really celebrating is someone’s death (and for the record, I’m not one of those people who is saying, “he was a person too, it’s horrible to celebrate anyone’s death”– he was a bad guy. I’m not sad about it. But there’s still something morbid about the whole ordeal). If it feels like closure, it’s because it’s vengeance. It’s not because we won anything. We’re celebrating like we won because there isn’t going to be another V-J Day at the end of this thing (if we ever get there). There is no closure in this type of war– we’re celebrating because we know there won’t be a celebration. Source [here]

What I can't believe is this statement by NR that his death will ensure the world safer and more peaceful. My personal rating towards you has gone down. I'm waiting for 'it's-not-me' reply or any statement too. I want to see what Al Gore will say with regards to anything that he will say about Osama's death since they are good friends. Keep in silent? Yeah, I think he will do that. He always do that. So, it is expected and I'm not shocked. 

Goodbye. May the world be a safer and more peaceful when the West starts to understand the Muslims. I don't have guns to protect myself from your Apache.- The Chukai Insider

ps: The names of Obama and Osama rhyme with each other. Could they be related? Well, maybe we can ask the Americans seem most of them are smart and their judgement about anything is the 'correct' one. They keep questioning whether Obama is a muslim or not, you see how smart they are? 

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Mahathir: Operasi bunuh Osama tindakan tak bertamadun

and this:

Ulasan Nik Aziz mengenai kematian Osama

Jika benarlah Osama bin Laden benar-benar telah dibunuh oleh tentera Amerika Syarikat seperti yang diumumkan oleh Presiden Barrack Obama semalam, maka saya sebagai seorang Islam mendoakan rahmat dan keampunan Allah SWT untuk Osama bin Laden yang merupakan saudara saya di dalam Islam. Inilah yang dituntut oleh Islam sewaktu menerima berita kematian saudara seagamanya. Sebesar manapun kesalahan seorang muslim, jika ia mati dalam keadaan agamanya Islam, keampunan terhadapnya harus dipohon oleh saudara muslim yang lain.
Adapun keterlibatan Osama bin Laden dengan keganasan, saya serahkan kepada Allah SWT kerana ia masih belum terbukti melainkan melalui propaganda yang dipelopori oleh Amerika Syarikat. Jika benar beliau terlibat dengan kegananasan, sudah tentu saya tidak menyokong keganasan tersebut. Bagaimanapun keterlibatan Osama dengan keganasan masih lagi merupakan berita samar yang tidak dapat disahkan, namun keterlibatan Amerika Syarikat sendiri dalam keganasan sudah terbukti.
Ini jelas dengan serangan terhadap Afghanistan dan Iraq yang menghancurkan kedua-dua negara ini dengan tujuan mencari senjata pemusnah yang tidak dapat dijumpai sehingga ke hari ini. Apa pula tindakan Amerika Syarikat terhadap Israel yang terang-terang melakukan keganasan di bumi Palestin ? Bukan sahaja tidak bertindak, bahkan Amerikalah yang kuat menyokong Israel. Justeru, jika Osama dianggap sebagai pengganas, maka Israel lebih patut disebut sebagai ganas dan penyokongnya Amerika Syarikat juga tidak boleh lari dari digelar sebagai ganas.
Inilah yang saya tegaskan kepada Duta Besar Amerika Syarikat yang datang ke pejabat saya pada 28 April 2011 yang lepas, bahawa sepasang selipar pun tidak boleh dirampas dari tuannya yang berhak, apatah lagi sebuah negeri yang berdaulat seperti Palestin, lebih-lebih lagi tidak berhak untuk dirampas oleh Israel.
Adapun mereka yang berkata bahawa dunia lebih selamat dengan kematian Osama, saya anggap kenyataan tersebut sebagai tidak cermat dan hanya bertujuan menampakkan diri sebagai penyokong Amerika. Jika dunia lebih selamat dengan kematian Osama, adakah dunia juga lebih selamat dengan kewujudan Amerika?
Sekian, wassalam.
Menteri Besar Kelantan.
Bertarikh : 30 Jamadil Awal 1432H bersamaan 3 Mei 2011M
Source [here

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  1. aku suka post ni! not to flaunt anti-government sentiments or whatever, tapi nik aziz does say smart things sometimes...orang yang tak puas hati sangat dengan dia tu should just re-examine what they have ever done in this world to earn the right to criticize so much...


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