06 May 2011

Weekend Mood

Last Tuesday, I did my assignment at the mall, I went to the Popular bookstore (after I finished my work, of course). Like my friend said, 'kalu dok gi kang, mucong pulok mulok mung' (kalau tak pergi, nanti mulut kau tu memuncung - if we don't go there, you will be very upset, so let's go there). By the way, do you see how beautiful Trengganuspeak is? It's a heritage so be proud to speak Trengganu wherever you are if you know how to. If not, utilise any Trengganuians around you. They are everywhere.

Anyway, five of us decided to go there and before that I heard two of my friends saying 'Tengok cara dia jalan, mengangkang.' Amboi.

At Popular, I was shocked to see Dan Brown's A Lost Symbol at RM24.90, The Last Empress at RM16.90 and 1434 by Gavis Menzies is RM19.90 (the price before discount is RM89.90). I think you know what happen after that. My mulok was not mucong anymore so I went home on a Miri Belait with a smile that brought my lips to the ears and a dimple* on my right cheek dented like a crater on the moon's surface. 

All of the books are interesting (that's why I bought them), except A Map of Trengganu to those who are, may I quote "mmg dok brape suka journal/autobiography like books".  As for 1434, none of you will like reading it except me, a boring people who is also a, may I quote "heartless". There are many other chick lits (ugh)/boring lovey dovey novels (ugh too!)/thrillers/Oprah-esque books with great discounts at Popular. 
*Some cultures, for example Asian and Indo-ethnic sub-groups, prefer dimples as a sign of attractiveness and veracity. (Pessa, JE; Zadoo, VP; Garza, PA; Adrian Jr, EK; Dewitt, AI; Garza, JR (1998). "Double or bifid zygomaticus major muscle: anatomy, incidence, and clinical correlation". Clinical anatomy 11(5): 310–3. doi:10.1002/(SICI)1098-2353(1998)11:5<310::AID-CA3>3.0.CO;2-T)

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