06 May 2011

Islam is not Obama

I read this piece of article (Hope for Islam's image with bin Laden's death) by Ioannis Gatsiounis published by The Malaysian Insider. His first sentence begins like this 'Your initial reaction to news of Osama bin Laden’s death is telling. If you were disappointed, you no doubt harbour terrorist sympathies.

There is no doubt that you have gone too far in misunderstanding Islam and I know that many muslims don't blame you. However, your 'understanding' that Osama's death will give Islam a hope to bring its message of peace and harmony could not be more wrong. Islam is not about Obama-esque terrorism activities and if he really did so in the name of Islam, many other muslims do not agree with that and he did not represent Islam. The American-made George W.Bush said this and that and being the world's dictator for nearly a decade, he had got many allies such as the black dog United Kingdom and his sheriff in Asia, the Australia  making others to think like the Americans. That is collective stupidity. Back to what you wrote, I again repeat that it implies that Islam's image depends on Obama and it is wrong.

I am sorry to say this but it is the truth about the reality. When the news report the world citizens link terrorism with Muslims, it is not actually what the world perceive about the Muslims around the world. It is actually what the stupid Americans think about and news broadcaster all over the world report it as the world's view. And it is always the case that the view seems is to be directed to the Muslim world. Ops, I used the wrong word. They all are implying the Muslims are behind the terrorists activities. They are and there is no doubt about it.

While what Osama has done are never been proven to be true, the American's doings in Afghanistan and Iraq are obvious. It is damn obvious that the attacks are on the Muslims. It is damn obvious that the condition there is far worse than before the war. If you are smart, why didn't you take the smart approach to look for a single man named Osama bin Laden hidden in a country? Why a country has to be destroyed and their citizens left in dark future so that you can find him? Is killing the women and children the new definition of justice? Is the murder of Osama a symbol of victory after thousands have been massacred? 

I don't want to condemn the acts of terrorism done by some muslims in many parts of the world. They happened to be done by Muslims and they happened to share the same religion as me. I don't have to be sorry for what others are doing. The other Muslims are not responsible of that.

This writer's final sentence ends with 'Collective expressions of joy and relief of bin Laden’s death among Muslims would symbolically help close the door on a decade of deep suspicion and mutual destruction from which the Muslim world has yet to recover.'

Maybe you have heard the concept of ummah before this and again you have misunderstood (or lack of effort to understand it, duhh). A collective joy for a person's death is maybe what you understood by the ummah concept and the key word is 'collective' maybe. Innalillahiwainnailaihirojiun- from Allah we came and unto Him is our return. Someone's death is a missing to others. I'm not bringing the Islamic view on this since you wrote that, it implies that you really are intellectually retarded. By the way, my mom's saying is the best- layan orang bodoh, jadi bodoh. In this case, the stupid ones are mostly Americans. Then, their media portray the news as a world's concern and we MUST believe in them. In Europe, the UK then agreed with its master, the Great America. So did the Australia down under. Others who allied with America feel the need to agree too. So the misunderstanding/understanding of Islam began to widespread. Americans think they know everything even on a religion that is basically not theirs. 

 To put the name of Islam coalesce with terrorism is one thing, but a collective expression of joy over a person's death is needed to clear the religion's image? First, you portray us with the image that you have created on us- we never say terrorism is our jihad. Then, you ask us to clear the image that you labelled to us before? Second, I really want to punch you when I read 'a collective expression of joy over a person's death'. I don't question which religion teaches you that, but even in a simple humanist principle, that is unacceptable. Ops, I'm a muslim so I don't know about humanitarian principle like you do because according to you, it is okay to be happy over other people's death. What do you know reader, you are not American!-The Chukai Insider

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