07 May 2011

Two Girls in Senadin

From left, Acad, Nabelle, Ita and Rakin. - The Chukai Insider
I've been posting many serious stuffs for the last couple of days. In order to personalise this blog so that my friends won't say I am too serious in the web world, let me write something that you may like reading. There happen to be only two girls in our close circle of friends among the other four boys. The ratio is 2:1. These two girls requested to be featured on The Chukai Insider and I don't know whether I should feel honoured or happy or sad.

Haha. Let me tell you about these girls. I have known one of them for three years since we studied at the same place before. The other girl used to be the friend of my another friend. We have met before without knowing that Allah  makes us to become close friend now. 

I guess this post is for them and I know very well that they don't like to read. If you want to know something about them, you may put your comments below. By the way, one of these girls still don't know how to comment on my blog. 

Yes, here it is- Girls on Faidhi's blog. I don't know what my mother would say if she sees this. 

Yes, they are very close to each other since they are surrounded by boys(luckily, they are the good ones), they only have each other for geli-girl moments.-The Chukai Insider

What should you know about Ita and Nabelle:

  • They both eat a lot- they are the kind of girls who eat so much without having to worry about their body weight. They eat and they eat more. 
  • They both are not excellent cook but have impressive efforts to improve their cooking skills. Without them, how would I ever eat home-cooked meal. Thank you. Allah made you girls to be in our group with many purposes; one of them is to cook for us.
  • Ita's strength is her empathy. She is so good with people and communicate very well. One thing I do respect about her is that she always like to say things and then abruptly say 'boleh tak?' (can or not?). That means she is always conscious about things that she said before. 
  • Nabelle's strength come in the form of her reaction towards things. She is very positive about things and sometimes not in the right way. 
  • They both talk a lot and never know when to stop. In Trengganuspeak, we call them 'bertih jagung' or popcorn means that they 'pokpek pokpek' about so many things non-stop.

I don't know what this is. This picture was taken by me during my trip to Gua Niah. Can someone tell me what this is?

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