25 May 2011

Born 1st January

Do you know a woman named Lagarde who is so famously reported in every major newspapers today, particularly in the business section? I know you don't. It has been my habit to Wikipedia a suddenly-popular public figure to know him or her better. She is currently the Finance Minister of France who is in the lead to be nominated as the next chief of International Monetary Fund (IMF) since the last-man-with-the-job is currently charged for assaulting a woman in a hotel in New York. If you don't know what IMF is, then Google it. Remember 98/97 economic crisis? 

When I Wikipedia-ed her today, I found out that Faidhi and Lagarde share a similar thing. We both have the same birthday! She was born on the first day of the year in 1956 while Faidhi was born on the first day of the decade 21 years ago (1990). I'm writing this on the basis of Julian calendar, not Islamic Hijrah calendar if you haven't noticed.

Being a First January boy/man, you cannot run away from the feeling of being special just because you were born on the first day of the year (Mathematically wrong, actually). When people know that you were born on the first day of January, they all have the same look on their faces. The look of 'really?'. Another thing is, friends surely will remember your birthday. I don't know if this happens to other first-January born as well, but I don't remember my friend's birthdays except for few of them whom I mark their birthdays on the calendar every year. I remember the 6th December, the 16th December and the 18th January. Feel flattered? 

By the way, a volcano has erupted violently again in Iceland.

Look again, can you see any flaw?

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