28 May 2011

I'm Infected

In case you read most of my friend's blogs, it is obvious that they have some kind of 'projects'. With Ainul's Project 52, Ain's 10 Day Project which was actually inspired by Umairah's blog, I can't help but to be in some kind of 'project' too. I don't have a DSLR now, so I'm not challenging myself to take photos for the next 52 days. Writing about 10 Things a day suits me better and much simpler and sexier.

I need to admit something. When my friends in Curtin keep saying this and that about The Chukai Insider, deep down inside I feel embarrassed I don't know what's the word to describe 'malu' because I don't think embarrassed is the right word to be used in this context. 

Someone might come to you and recognise you as The Chukai Insider. It feels weird, folks. Thing that gets most of the attention is the name of this blog; The Chukai Insider. Chukai is my birthplace and my home town. Insider? Yes, I read The Malaysian Insider a lot and you can see the reasons why. Maybe this uncomfortable feeling will wash away but seriously, it is extremely uncomfortable when people say they read your blog. 

These events with regards to my blog has made me think again on the purpose of my blog. After some deep thinking (I know some might think this is unnecessary) because I think it is important, I realised that I write because I want to tell something, I want to explain something and share my ideas. I like nice photos on my blog as well. They are the reasons; simple and nothing more. I want to write something (with no concerns to my grammatical mistakes), and to clear my thoughts. However, to have people reading  my blog is not my primary goal. However, what's the use of writing something without people reading it? (It is one of the goals, but not the primary one). 

Philosophically, it captures the nostalgic memories of my life and how does my thinking is affected through these events. Look at my Facebook wall page and you can see how I like sharing things or being shared with something (articles, good videos-not some lousy singers). And that's why I'll put Facebook sharing button again on this blog. 

It sounds so serious eh? I know sometimes I think too much and too deep. It's not angsty side of me. It's just me being me.  As I mentioned before, this is my medium to let things out of my mind. If not, there are so many things cluttered inside my mind. I love blogging! -The Chukai Insider

Note: I'm in the process of making a new header. I really like my new layout much like Ain does with her blog. It's clean but the header is embarrassing. I may need some ideas and with my followers, probably I will get at least 12 suggestions. Haha!

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