28 May 2011

01: 10 Things About Me

10 Things About Me

01 I'm a Muslim who was born as a Malay in Malaysia on the first January of 1990 at 0145 in the morning    inside a wooden house in Kampung Mak Chili, Chukai. I was not born in a hospital since I was so excited to come out to this world without giving my mom an early warning to go to hospital, according to her. She even managed to walk around around the kampung that evening looking for a boy who was believed to be lost because she thought she was still able to do so. That night, she suddenly felt painful and I came out to this world within minutes. 

02 I can't speak bahasa Melayu baku properly. I speak Trengganuian since I was able to speak. Many people have not noticed this, but to fellow friends and Trengganuian, they can detect how my tongue is always twisted uncomfortably to speak KL. I study English and understand it using Trengganu-speak not bahasa baku. So, when friends asking meaning of some words but you only know how to describe in Trengganu-speak, it is a real problem. When I speak Trengganu, I feel lawah or puah.

03 I read books. I don't read a lot compared to those bookish people but I do read early in the morning and late night. Sometimes, reading books cost you lots of money. Two factors that stop me reading are money and time. I always go to MPH Online or Kinokuniya Webstore or Amazon and keep clicking 'Add to cart' but never pay them. Trust me, you feel much better after that.

04 I am a newspaper-addict. Be it the online or hard copy version, I sometimes feel I can't get enough of that. I read these newspapers/online portal in this order everyday: The Star, The Malaysian Insider, NST and more after that. I don't list others as some quarter might justify my inclinations when they know what I read and I'm not ready to do it yet. 

05 I'm an angry (or angsty) person. Angry is the exact word actually but it is more like a bekeng thingy. Ainul was right again in describing me, I guess. Alhamdulillah, I can control my anger far better than before.

06 I enjoy what I am studying. Geology is actually not boring at all. Compared to Chemistry, Geology is actually far more interesting. Rocks rock! Before this, I feel so uncomfortable touching sands or rocks. Now, in the last field trip, I don't even wash my hands to eat after touching rocks and sands. I could not be more grateful to Allah SWT for giving me His blessings to study something that I never know I would be enjoying. The saying 'Allah knows best' rings true now.

07 I am a foodie person. Food is a reminder of Allah's continuous blessings for us. Right now, I love nasi ayam bakar although it is extremely expensive. And, longan susu. I miss mom's chicken curry. 

08 I do not eat fish, prawns, crab, squid and other seafood except ikan bilis. I eat canned sardines only when they are really mashed till they become like grains. Make a sandwich from the mashed sardines and I'll eat it. I don't want to explain why I don't eat them now. It's so tiring doing it for the past 'only-Allah-knows-how-many-years'.

09 I'm very protective of my friends. I've never realised this until someone pointed it out recently. I don't know whether it is true or not

10 I love The Big Bang Theory, Friends and Gray's Anatomy. 

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  1. well ok,if you are protective over your friends than I am glad. but I don't see it. hahahhahaa

  2. agreed with eno. heheh :p
    btw i feel honoured sbb mu mention name aku 2 kali dlm ur previous post. muahaha! XDD

  3. I'll show it in the future. You guys don't need my protection. Sebenarnya aku dok tau nok tulis banyok sangat point tu. Hahaha/

  4. eh btw,buangla tabs to pages kat bawah banner tu yg mu link doh kt sbelah kiri. my OCD-ness is making that unbearable for me!

  5. aku baru perasan telur mu tu nampak mcm masak gune acuan je. bulat sngt. too perfect, i dun like. muahaha! n aku sgt suke gmbr yg jump2 kt beach tu.

    ok tu je nk ckp sbnrnye.x tercakap dlm comment sblm ni. haha! :p


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