29 May 2011

02: 10 Things You Love

10 Things You Love 
01 Books. This is not brand new information folks. I've been mentioning this in ages. For more information please visit my Booku section. Gedik, isn't it? 

02 Photos, cameras and the anak-beranaks. I have always wanted a DSLR but both money and responsibility to take care of something expensive have been blocking my ways to get it. Someday I will get it, Insya-Allah. Maybe the time is not right now for me to have one.

03 Any food cooked by Mok (Mak). Duhh..this is not like the typical budak-sekolah-rendah biodata favourite food section: Makanan kegemaran- Masakan Mak. Oh, please. Statistically speaking, my mom has been cooking for the more than 50% of her life. So, I guess that makes her an expert in the Yusoff's family. The visible results are one fat 17 year-old boy, 1 chubby 10 year-old girl, 1 I-am-a-nutritionist skinny daughter and 1 comel and handsome in perfect body physiques 21 year-old boy.

04 HP Pavilion DV4 Laptop in front of me. This laptop is both excellent and have nostalgic memories. I bought this together with my friend, Aiman. We bought the same brand, the same series and everything. While the inspiration to buy this laptop came from a very close senior, Sadiq. This laptop saw me at my best and at my worst. 

06 The Malaysian Insider. You like it or not, The Malaysian Insider is the best online news portal in Malaysia. Unlike Malaysiakini which always have crappy ideas with a very smart way of writing. However, The Malaysian Insider provides a perspective that I think is constructive. And, when the Government side has something good going on, the headlines will be like 'In youths, N look for shield against PR' which shows that N has youth backing support but you see how they twisted the ideas. Manipulative? Yes. I love it primarily because it makes me think.

07 The Star, NST and other newspapers. Have you ever reas Sunday Star? If you haven't then get one. I've not been paid to do the promotions here, so my simple advise is start reading one although you are not pro-Government. It has more than that. 

08 Dr Maza's Ceramahs on Youtube, particularly this one. 

Ted Logo09 I love watching people speaking with great ideas. Again, I'm not promoting it here but please do visit the website.

10 Geology. I've been repeating this for so many times before but with this gift from Allah SWT, I couldn't be more grateful. When you love what you are doing, the challenges seem infinitesimal. Alhamdulillah.

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