21 May 2011

Here and There: Cut and Paste: Learning and Sharing

 "All of us are culpable and too many Malaysians complain. How many of us complain but don't do anything? If you do and you fail, then you can complain. This is the weakness of the middle class to take, to thrive and then to find seclusion in their little suburbia, usually based on race and religion. It is too easy to blame the government, we are part of the government, we are the people.”- Chandran Nair.

Our paths are different but our goal is the same. Don't hate others. Period. If you still cannot resist from hating others (a person, organisations, government, opposition), don't cross the line and keep in your heart that you are a Muslim. Yes, you may say who am I to say you have crossed the line as the line is relative to different people, but hating others itself is already something you should not have done. Beyond that, it is unnecessary to talk about. It's okay if you resist something, but to a point where you have to curse, it is clearly a wrong thing. 

In fighting for your cause, don't create the feeling of other-ness. In fighting for your cause, I believe it is much more or less the same like doing da'wah. If you keep pressing others to do this and that and saying harsh words to others with manners that is totally un-Islamic, then people will not believe what you say and most importantly, it is ineffective. In fact, it is like a very bad medicine. Let's say there are people who believe in things that you say, they will follow your way and at some point, more extreme than you were. This, at the end of the day will create a huge gap between those who accepted your ideas and those who not. The distance grows bigger and bigger. Unfortunately, this is what happening among Muslims in Malaysia now. 

This is harsh, but this statement should not be taken lightly: There are muslims who don't pray at all, but when other non-muslims threaten the status of Islam, they are among the first to get angry. When I say this is hypocrisy, others will say all kind of things to say I am wrong.

I feel so sad looking at Facebook page looking at videos and articles slamming each other. Call it whatever you want, but Malay Muslims are the champions. Everyone is fighting to show they are the Islam champion, but never try to sincerely communicate the right way. If you think the other side is wrong, rectify the mistakes and work together. Both sides are wrong. Both sides have their own strengths and weaknesses, so complement each other. Why not? Does it because only you know the ultimate truth? And you can't share it with others? I'm saying this to both sides. 

The creation of the divisive feeling is so severe. If even one of the sides think they are upholding Islamic values, no divisions of people (or ummah as some quarter like to call it or rakyat as the other quarter like to describe it) would have occurred right now. For me, the truth is this- ego is at both sides.

Their intentions may be right, but their actions are not. 

Note: This post is a result of cumulative disappointment of watching friends posting hatred on Facebook. 

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