22 May 2011

I have RM1,000,000.

Since Chemistry 142 has successfully ruined my early Sunday morning, I need to have a break and write something. The subject does shake my butt to sit and study, but something suddenly popped out of my head. My  mind is wondering what would I do if someone gives me RM 1,000,000 now. That's RM 1 million for those who are lazy to figure out how many zeros are there. So, RM 1 million...that is _____.

Some quarter might have said that it's only RM 1 million. It's a very small amount if you want to do something big. While another quarter might have dropped their jaws receiving the money. People, let's get real; people won't give you money more than that for no reason. I'm trying to be realistic here, so I stick to RM 1 million. Realistic la sangat.

If I have RM1 million and it has to be spent in one day, that would even be better or worse? I think it should be better. Okay, I choose to spend it in one day only. To simplify things, I will divide the money into 3 separate portions. The first 20% should go to charity. Well, that is the kind of thing we all should do isn't it? I saw lots of money-loaded people do that in newspapers, blogs etc putting their big smiles in front of cameras giving big cheques to foundations. It's not easy to show how kind you are to the public. I'm going along with the current, so 20% out of RM 1 million should be enough. That's the typical thing everyone would say if they are asked what to do with a RM 1 million. Ugh. 

The next 40% should go to my parents. Let them do what they want to do. Am I a good son or what?

The next 40% should go to me. This is the most interesting part. The first thing that pop inside my head is a Canon DSLR. Since I have lots of money, I would say goodbye to the series that you are all familiar with. iPad or a car? I would say both. Books? Oh yeah, I forgot that. Motorcycle. And so much more. 

The truth is everyone has been asking what would they do with this large amount of money of they have it. If not, someone should have asked them once. However, believe me when I say that most of the time you don't do it according to the plan that you laid out before. If Allah has granted you with this amount of rezeki, be grateful with that. RM 1 million does not mean it's the time to do charity. In fact, I might as well take all of the 20% portion to the charity for me. This is a generalisation but it is something to ponder upon: people say all the nice things before they have lots of money, when the get it, all the kind-hearted plans will wash away out of their minds. It is a generalisation, not necessarily for everyone. So, let's pray that if someday if we are to be super-rich, we don't fall into this category of people. 

Again, it is another reason for us to bersyukur with our current conditions. We are already being blessed all the time by Allah. If you have RM 1 million now, I'm sure you will find something to fill your soul. By the time you finished spending your RM 1 million, your heart is empty and in need of something greater than that. You need something greater and greater to make yourself happy. Until the time you find there is a Greater Power, that is Allah SWT, you will find emptiness. 

You don't need RM 1 million to do good deeds and charity. You don't need iPad or gears to make yourself happy. Your parents would love you too if you don't give them money. 

That's why I love this video so much. Watch it till you cry. If a someone who has been called a heartless dropped his tears watching this, I don't know how many box of tissues you need. Kalah cerita Hindustan.

I ask you this question again: What would you do if you have RM 1 million? -The Chukai Insider

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