22 May 2011

My Goals This Week

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Tomorrow is Monday if you haven't noticed. I decided to make a list of goals for me to accomplish this week. Little goals make big goals possible, if you have read that somewhere in self-help books. With Allah's permissions, may I accomplish each of this goal and make my life better. Improving ourselves is a hard thing to do, but nothing is impossible. Here are my goals for each day start from tomorrow. 

Monday: Today, I have Chemistry 142 tutorial which means early class in the morning. I have Geology in the          evening as well and a Geo Lab session as well. My goal for Monday is finish answering 2 sets of Geology past year questions and finish revising Chemistry 142. Monday also falls on 23rd April which means a day before Chemistry exam. Hence, my goal is to finish redoing all of the tutorials.

Tuesday: First goal is to score the highest mark possible in Chemistry exam. The second goal is to finish Maths quiz and score a hundred. Haha.

Wednesday: Goal: Read all of the Geoscience materials and get ready for pre-test. Another goal is to memorise all of the metamorphic and sedimentary rocks which I have tried memorising for so many times before. 

Thursday: Finish  all of my Maths and Physics assignment. 

Friday: Sedimentary and Metamorphic Rock Test. Goal: Score as high as possible. 

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This is just a plan. I just want to see how well it goes. It all depends on Allah's will but we as His slave must plan. 

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Sahih International
And those who believe and do righteous deeds - We will surely admit them among the righteous [into Paradise].
Alhamdulillah because we are still given chances to improve ourselves. Appreciate them.- The Chukai Insider

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