31 May 2011

Love...what,again? (No, no this is different!)

Yes, love for your mom =)

Yup, that woman we often take for granted. That woman whom you always quarrel with. That woman whom you get embarrassed being seen at the mall with. That woman you think of as a burden to you when she gets older. That woman you plan to send to the "Adult-Day-Care" center one day. That woman you just cant stand taking care of.

Yeah,I see why you think about those things. But isnt she also..

That woman who never took you for granted. That woman who only quarrels with you because she only wants the best for you. That woman who feels so happy when she gets to spend time with you. That woman who NEVER think of you as a burden to her. That woman who took care of you.

Mother, Mom, Ibu, Emak, Mama, Ummi, call her what you want, just dont ever forget to love her with all your heart. Let her know how much she means to you. I know Mother's Day was long gone, but it's never too late or even too early for that matter, to tell her "I love you Mom, dont ever doubt that for a second" cause there's never a day which she becomes less special to you. If she asks "Apasal tiba2 ni?" Just say "Nothing mom, just wanted to remind you"
And with that simple sentence, I'm sure you'll make her day =)

This post goes out to my mama, whom I never take for granted, whom I'm always proud to be seen around with, whom I just LOVE spending time with and the woman whom I NEVER EVER (will) think of as a burden to me. You are the love of my life, so dont forget that.

I loved the simplicity of this video and its accomplishment in delivering its message.

- the guy who's never scared of kissing his mom and saying "I love you" to her in public. Cad =)

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