30 May 2011

This is a post after Boys Talk session with Miqdad, Hafiz, Mamat and the 5721s

I found this video somewhere on Facebook yesterday, I guess. If I'm not mistaken it was on Hafiz's page, so thank you Hafiz. By the way, this song sounds very familiar but I have not heard it for a quite long time. 

To my Kemaman friends, I have made this (click on the posters below) for you since you are not studying geology but since I'm preparing for exam, I would be happy if I can share these with you all. I suggest you guys put medical stuffs in interesting videos or English literature animations  which are interesting on your blog too. These links are the compilation of 'interesting' videos. Make sure you watch the first video on the Geology Muggles [HERE] Series and read the descriptions. You may see how great Allah SWT is. 

Tengok cerita ni. Semoga kita semua dapat pengajaran daripada kartun ni dan amalkan. Tak guna kalau dapat pengajaran tapi tak pernah amalkan. 

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