16 June 2011

I like looking at people and... wondering about their lives..

I admit that I  always feel sympathy for makciks, neneks, maids (bibiks) and some other group of people who works as cleaners, janitors, penyapu sampah etc. It is not I am anti-feminist who object to the idea of independent working women but I feel sympathise with the burden that they have to carry. It is also not that I feel they should not have worked. It is just simple observations you infer when you look at an exhausted makcik cleaner that she must be working so hard for her family. If not that, why would have she worked so hard at the tender age of 50-plus?

If you have heard this before, you must already know that I always keep remembering a mak cik in Sultan Ismail II who worked as tukang sapu and sometimes she collected cans to be sold to the recycling center. Every morning, she would bring her daughter to Sultan Ismail (yeah, to non-Kemaman-ians, Kemaman has three schools with Sultan Ismail as their names) on an old bicycle. Of course I have never checked the details about her, but I cannot resist feeling sorry for those who work so hard and earn very little money. While there is always a mak cik cleaning your school corridors (or worse, the toilet), have you ever thought how are their lives while you are eating delicious food in the classroom? 

Sometimes, I don't think we, the students honour them the way they should be honoured. We have always taken things for granted, even mak cik cleaners who are mostly have difficult lives and yet, it's very hard to hear the phrase 'thank you' coming out of students when they see the cleaners.

I don't know how politicians live with Rolls Royces and Mercedes while the rakyat work harder than them but earn little pennies everyday. It's easy to say you are a rakyat leader, but it's very hard to live like an ordinary rakyat.-The Chukai Insider

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