06 June 2011

Something to ponder upon

To Allah belongs the kingdom of the heavens and Earth. He gives life and causes to die. You have no protector or helper besides Allah. (Surat at-Tawba, 116)

While preparing for exams, don't forget that we have greater responsibilities to Allah SWT. Good luck to my friends and never forget to ask for Allah's help. 

According to the Qur'an, praying is the simplest way to reach Allah. Now let's remind ourselves of some of the attributes of Allah. He is the One Who is closer to people than their jugular vein, the One Who knows and hears everything… Not even a single inner thought of human beings remains hidden to Allah. This being the case, only thinking suffices to ask for something from Him. This shows how easy it is to get in contact with Allah.

All people, without exception, are in need of prayer. It is only flawed thinking to assume that a poor person trying to survive under harsh living conditions needs prayer more than a well-off person. It is erroneous to think that someone who has attained everything he or she desired does not need prayer, for such a conviction limits the meaning of prayer to satisfaction of worldly desires. Believers pray both for their life in this world and the next. Prayer is accompanied by putting one's trust in Allah, for which reason a person who prays acquires the consciousness that the Creator and Judge of the universe is in charge of the events they encounter, whether minor or significant. Awareness that all the methods to cope with or prevent a problem rests with Allah, the All-Mighty, and thus putting one's trust in Him and praying to Him alone, instills a sense of relief and security in a believer.

Any blessing you have is from Allah. Then when harm touches you, you cry to Him for help. (Surat an-Nahl, 53)

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  1. Appreciable effort.Thanks a lot

  2. faidhi,aku rasa mu patut letak videos youtube kat belah kanan tu somewhere else sebab dia memberatkan blog mu...lambat loading and sekat2...or maybe aku sorang yg lambat loading? i donno...


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