06 June 2011

Sex Nation

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Have you heard about the newly-formed Obedient Wife Club (OWC) and the sex lessons it will offer? I will not write about how good or bad the club is. Unnecessary or not, I am not the one who can decide that. People have opinions and they are subjected to opine based on their experiences. Our upbringings are different. For me, if I have a wife, I don't want her to join this club. I will earn my wife's obedience so that it will be a mutual relationship and based on understanding and not resentment. From there, she will be obedient to me. I don't want her to listen to me just because I am her husband. It's that simple for me. Plus, I don't want her to learn sex lessons from a club. Maybe the news have been twisting about this issue but if there is a club, I don't want my wife to join for these lessons. She must abide me after all. You don't need to join a club to be one.

What is puzzling to me is how conservative we think about ourselves and yet there are sex stories everyday in Malaysia. Of course, there is no 'how to's in Malaysia, but don't you realise everything has to be related to sex nowadays. Do you remember the sodomist  being featured in a sex video with a woman? How shallow are we Malaysians to be fooled with cheap sex stories. Why everything has to be related with sex?

Again, do you remember Chua Soi Lek's infamous video? Well, it did not destroy his political career. Sex, again. 

Try to read Harian Metro for a week and look for a day when it does not feature a sex-related stories. Good luck looking for one! Not just that, look at the advertisements in the Classified section. There is servis urut everywhere in Malaysia.

Have you ever been to KL? Yes, the capital city of Malaysia which has a lot of flyovers. Have you ever read any small ads put under the walls of the flyovers? There are 'ubat kuat', 'call me for..' and of course 'mahu ...'. How conservative are we? And have you ever been inside the car with your little siblings reading them too? Oh, how do they learn the lessons the wrong way. Not to mention, the awkwardness when looking at your parents reading them too. KL is filled with cheap ads. I don't think PJ is like that, right Acad?

In responding to the Obedient Wife Club, I want to add another thing. Do you see us men as the ones who will go to prostitutions when our wives do not serve us (sexually)? How bad are we till we have to go for prostitutions? I admit that many are doing so, but is the reason because the wives don't treat them very well? Yes, the wife has the obligation to fulfil the husband's as what this hadith tells us.

If a man calls his wife to bed and she refuses till he slept while angry, then the Angels will curse her till the morning. [Muslim]

But we,  men are understanding and not easily angry too. We want mutual relationship which is not based on sexual relationship only. I'm sorry but I cannot run away from feeling being degraded from your statement that we will go for prostitutions if our wives do not treat us well. I know not all of us are like that, but still there is some masculinism in me saying we are not that cheap. Alhamdulillah, there are still lots of good men out there. We don't just look for sex in women. My opinion is also based on the second part of the hadith- 'till he slept while angry'. An understanding husband would think wisely if the wife is able to do so. If she refuses, don't you think the husband would compromise? The hukum does state that the husband's desire must be fulfilled by the wife. There is no ifs or buts here. The wife would also understand the husband's condition who is in need of a intimate relationship. However, I do not agree on the reasons given by the group that this 'act of serving husband' would reduce the social ills.

I know that the club's intentions are good, but personally I don't think the ways you do it are the right ones.-The Chukai Insider


  1. nice post..boleh kawin dah ni

  2. they shouldn't compare Muslim wives with prostitutes. that sounds too crude... the cause is right, but cara penyampaian sangat sangat OFF

  3. and lol aku baru tau mu ada chukai insider yg wordpress punya version and it's so dead. haha. delete la

  4. nice one faidhi. nmpk boleh jadi suami mitahli ni. hahaha ;p

  5. nice one faidhi. nmpk boleh jadi suami mitahli ni. hahaha ;p


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