07 June 2011

Missing Home

There was a boy who missed his home badly today. He had a very bad flu this morning and could not answer his Maths paper the way he wanted to. He was not expecting the very bad flu to come. Headaches, phlegm and watery eyes accompanied him during the exam. Poor him, he kept going to the toilet for the 2 hour exam. At the moment, there was no other time that he felt like going home more than ever. He had planned so many things to do when his holiday begin soon. Oh, pity him that he cannot do much work today since all of the sinus  had robbed his energy and motivations. 

He always had his books to make him run away from any misery or sadness. However, today his books brought memories of his house. Oh, he missed his family and Chukai so badly. He was in dire need of his Kemaman friends. He could not wait to indulge himself with books that he already bought for this holiday and going for daily ritual at Sonstar. 

When he felt sick like this morning, he wanted his mother. Argh, the painful feeling of wanting to be taken care of by mother he but could not get it. Friends were there for him, but none could replace his mother. Lucky for him, he was not in Seattle- the magnitude of sadness would be catastrophic for him. He wanted his mok's chicken curry and constant nagging. He needed that. 

He did not care people calling him anak mak because he knew that he always will be his mok's son and he cherished every single moment to be with her. 

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