08 June 2011

Better Husbands

Since there is an Obedient Wives Club (OWC) now, don't you think that there should be a club formed by the Husbands side too? We are all Malaysians, and we like to copy things from any other parts of the world. Do you know the K-Pop version of Malaysia? Oh, shouldn't you be more original in presenting yourself? It's like we are running out of creativities to cultivate the art scene in Malaysia. Even to become one good wife, a club is there for you to join. 

Kelantan Mufti puts it the best when he said that 'Husbands should form a club on how to become better leaders in their family'. Yes that is what we need. Leaders and not just someone who will go to prostitutes when the wife could not afford to provide a first-class service. I Googled about this Wives Club and it turns out that the world is laughing at us. We already know the intentions of the club's founder are good, but please to note that sex is not the primary reason that social ills are happening in our society. Don't you think that strengthening the family structures is far more important than this 'sex lessons' thingy?

NST reports today that a man attacks his wife with pestle (lesung batu) for refusing to have lunch with him. Yes, we know that the wife should follow you but hitting your wife is not the right way in any circumstances. 

When the Government introduced Sex Education this year, what came to your mind? I was curious and went to look for the details. It is actually very good that our education system introduce the subject to the Primary One student. Of course they don't put it as Sex Education! They call it Reproductive Education or something like that. By the way, I looked through the textbook, and surprisingly the lessons are very good to the students. Why not? The syllabus introduces children to steps to be taken when strangers make them feel uncomfortable, what does it mean if you are being touched at certain places on their bodies and how to scream! Does not that should be the things that the Obedient Wives Club should focus on? Why should the sex lessons be introduced first?

Shukri, the Kelantan mufti said the Quran teaches husbands to treat their wives in the best and most accepted ways.

“The Quran specifically mentions this to husbands,” he told the New Straits Times yesterday.

Shukri said even though Islam instructed a wife to obey her husband, it had to be done according to Islamic laws.

“Comparing a wife with a first-class prostitute is absolutely horrible.” 

Shukri said even if a wife did not serve her husband well in bed and this eventually led to the husband’s infidelity, the wife was not to be blamed.

It is the husband who has a bad quality. If a husband did not obey Allah and the Messengers, the wife could choose not to obey the husband.-The Chukai Insider

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