10 June 2011

Chemistry Teaches Us Bonding

Dear Chemistry,

You have taught me and my friends so many things this week. We did not expect you to be so hard when we first came to the first lecture. We were wrong, obviously. Yesterday was the climax. Chemistry has always taught us types of bonding and how do the reactions go differently depending on the type of bonds and number of valence electrons. What I have discovered yesterday was another type of bonding.

Its name is still unthinkable for me now. It is like a mysterious power gluing your friends together. But, I do know its effects. It bonds me and my friends. Some people call the bond as love but I don't want to call it love. 

It was really like going to a war just before the exam yesterday; friends calming each other, wishing good luck and faces full of hopes and fears. 

If you look from far, maybe you would see us like a bunch of crazy people wishing each other with good words. We were not. 

Friends and Chemistry- thank you for teaching me Bonding. All is well. 

Yours sincerely,

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