10 June 2011

Why you should finish your food

We throw away 930 tonnes of food everyday. Worse, the food has never been consumed before they were thrown away. That was what The Star reported today. This is not a surprise at all considering that our Malaysian lifestyle always revolves around food. Everywhere you go, food must be there either before or after the functions, right? Look at any kenduri, how much plastic bags do we need to have to fill the leftovers after all the guests have returned? 

Do your realise the magnitude of how many food that we throw away everyday? If you add them up, it goes up to 93,000 of 10kg bags of rice daily for the whole Malaysia. Yes, that is the amount we throw into the dumping sites every day. In India and  Bangladesh, the wastes generated contain almost zero unconsumed food. 

If you do have leftovers on your plate, then do something about them. A friend of mine, Shafiq Razak always take our food leftovers to be given to the cats that live around our houses. Have you ever thought of doing so before? Don't you think it's the time that you start doing it? If not now, when are you going to?

This is something that we Malaysians have always taken for granted. We love food but we throw them away every time we have food. Have you ever seen your friends who do not finish their food at the restaurants?Actually, it is a common sight if you look at other tables too. Next time when you are in mamak stalls, warung or fancy restaurants, look to your right and left and observe how much food are being wasted.
Children of Adam! Wear fine clothing in every mosque and eat and drink but do not be profligate. He does not love the profligate. (Surat al-A‘raf; 31)

Islam teaches us not waste our food. Maybe before we start condemning the Government about waste (well, actually the current Government should be watched and criticised closely), maybe we the change can start with ourselves first, by doing something small yet significant- finish our food. The change at national level starts by something small that begins with us. Let's not have leftovers! 
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The next time you do not finish your food, remember this fact- 40,000 children die of hunger everyday and another 800 million are facing starvation (United Nations).- The Chukai Insider

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