15 June 2011

Why you should read For One More Day

For One More Day by Mitch Albom
I know that most probably people already know the powers of Mitch Albom's books. Well, I've been reading his books for the past two weeks. In Have a Little Faith, I don't really find the book interesting. It was enlightening but that is it. Unlike For One More Day, I really find it has an umph!

It is about a man who was so miserable in his life. He tried to kill himself but did not make it. He was caught in an accident. Out of nowhere, he was inside the house where he grew up after the accident. His mother came to see him. She was dead eight years before the accident and now the man spoke to her mother without fully believing what he just saw. Ghost?

It was about mother to son conversation and about life. The book tells the story of a troubled man and his mother, and explores how people might use the opportunity to spend a day with a lost relative.

Cut and Paste

  • For One More Day is short and easy to read.
  • The story is engaging.
  • This is a moral tale, full of life lessons that book clubs or classes might enjoy discussing.
  • It is very short. You can finish this within a day. 

  • Like some of Albom's other work, For One More Day feels overly sentimental at points.
  • This is very similar to Albom's Five People You Meet in Heaven--not much new ground covered here.

Chick takes his mother for granted his whole life, then spirals into depression when she dies.
Chick tries to commit suicide.
Chick gets to spend one more day with his mother in a between life and death world.
For One More Day is similar short, easy, inspirational.

By the way, this book is very cheap in Popular now. Grab yours today if you want to start reading!

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