29 July 2011


There is no words that can describe how my life is now. Only by saying Alhamdulillah that I can wrap it up in one word. 

This semester has just started 2 weeks ago and I am happier than ever. If you have known  me since secondary school, then you know if I'm really into something, I become very semangat! Some people would say semangatnya..but whatever because it works. Yes, it works. 

How occupied my time is until I did not have a chance to write all the beautiful experiences and how nice people are along the journey. Pergh! 

Maybe this post is just to make sure that this blog is not dead. No, Insya Allah it will not. I love this blog so much. If you look at the layout now, it's totally different from the previous one. Well, it is far better I would say. Again, thank you Ainul. She made all this things happen. 

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