10 July 2011


Let's face it- people see what they want to see. Either you, me or another third party, there is always a feeling 'I am the one who is right'. Seeing at a glance of my Facebook homepage, I can't help but feel the uneasiness inside my stomach. Why? Politics have succeeded in robbing the moralistic and rationalistic point of views of many of my friends. 

Again, let's face the hard truth that our current politicians are not smart but very cunning and sneaky. And of course again, let's face it there is always a bunch of people who follow the lead and sad to say my friends are among them. I feel scared of writing my thoughts because I have many friends with differing views. I am not scared that my ideas are not well received but most importantly, I have my own weaknesses in arguing other people's views which most of the time, I think are not as good as they are supposed to be and that lead to uncomfortable feelings. If you get what I'll be saying, then good because there will be a lot of interpretations on your own that have to be done after reading this. As said before, I am more afraid of the loss of good relationships with people around me than putting ideas that I am not sure will bring me anywhere. But again, seeing Facebook photos of friends make me feel the distance between those who are pros and are not grow larger and larger and that is not good.

CLEAN, The Yellows, Ambaiga, Mr.Nj, The Reds, The Greens, The Light Blues, The Rockets, The Blue Blood Prefects, The Supposedly-Impartial Vote Counter and The Yalam are the central themes of this so-called article. 

To simply answer my friends's question with regards to my stand on CLEAN, I would answer what my religion has taught me. I read this from Dr.Maza's. It's about Intention (Objectives) and Actions (to be taken to fulfill the objectives). The CLEAN's objectives are excellent. Check the very-not-beautiful website of the CLEAN and look for the Demands. Well, they are significantly true but no details about the reasons, events or empirical evidences behind the Demands and I'm not so fool to receive that fully to my own understanding. Sadly to say, many in Malaysia accepted what they think as right straight away without fully covering the knowledge that they should have about the specific matter. Well, the bottom line is that the Intentions of the CLEAN which are translated through the Demands are good. I am fully supportive of that.

Who does win now? I read all newspapers from the extreme right wingers to the extreme left wingers. I know, come to my house and you will see how my father is like the newspapers librarian.

All segments who were involved in it think they have won the so called ‘battle’. The CLEAN was able to penetrate the security and that was considered a success. The police controlled the whole situations with ‘their own ways’ which they considered success.

What have made me wondered is the true cause of this supposedly-CLEAN CLEAN. If it is suppose to be impartial, then why the face of the campaign at the whole level seems to be very one-sided. It’s obvious that the DEMANDS are excellent and as the so called democracy experts said (which I know some of my friends are although I’m very sure most don’t even know the whole reasons and stories behind the concept), it is the vital part of the element of democracy. The voices of the majority. But really? Again, you believe what you want to believe.

So where do we go from here?
Why do we have to choose sides? Why bother preaching others when we ourselves are not that clean either? I’m not choosing side but feel very very sad looking at the current situation. Why do we have to choose side and distance ourselves from each other? Where this will bring us?

Why the I-know-it-all-so-you-have-to-shut-up-and-follow-me attitude is still here? I’m wondering too if you really know what you are fighting for.

The bottom line is, if you are sincere enough then, all parties should be in it for the cause, isn’t it? That seems logic to me. Well, we have different thoughts. With emotions rising, everyone thinks they are the right ones. How human-human relationship has lost its shine during this time.

ps: The concept of democracy also involves the free speech. So, the rulers-ruled media also have their own free speech. That's why you cannot criticise the media for choosing sides because that's what they do (well, actually you can because it's free speech as well, but that's why our first Rukunegara tenet is Kepercayaan Kepada Tuhan, so does Allah want us to create hatred among ourselves?). My advise (agreed with Hafiz)- read all sources of news. And if you happen to not like one-sided media, then don't read it if you think it will make you to hate them. Don't create unnecessary hatred among people. If you are a muslim, I strongly urge you to prevent yourselves from hating others. You may hate the Actions, but not the people. People are given chances to change. What if suddenly the sides are reversed? Anything can happen. Moderation as laid out in Islam therefore should be the best way. 

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