07 August 2011

BREAKING NEWS: A Dog Chased a Purple VIVA at Desa Senadin

Desa Senadin, 7 August 2011- A black dog with red eyes chased a purple Perodua Viva tonight. The incident occurred around 9.40pm Malaysian time. 

According to one of the passengers who was inside the newly-bought car, the dog chased the car just when the driver, Rakin Zaid,21 was about to change the driver's seat with the owner of the car, Intan Mashitah Amir Bashaa, 21. However, the passenger realized that a black dog suddenly came out of nowhere to the car. 

The passenger who wants to be known only as Chuk, said the situation was so intense inside the car. The dog came to the passenger window and started jumping around. In his word, the dog was acting 'crazy'. 

The driver, Rakin Zaid decided to run away from the dog and started driving towards the Chinese-restaurant-which-has-customers-that-don't-know-how-to-park-their-cars near the Curtin Village. Surprisingly, the dog still went to catch after them. According to Chuk, with the magnitude of the 'dramatism' of Acad Rashad, Intan Mashitah and Dayang Nabelle, the situation inside the car was beyond description.

Intan Mashitah then tried to drive the car after taking over from Rakin Zaid so that she can drive quickly into Curtin Village (the rule says only the owner of the car can bring the car into the housing area). Unfortunately, Intan Mashitah broke down just before arriving at the gate of Curtin Village upon seeing the scary evillish black dog with red eyes.

She just pulled the reverse gear and started driving crazy. Chuk who was on the copilot seat was shocked. What was she trying to do? She was so panick. You can imagine the drama inside the car. 

Acad then took over the driver seat and went to drive so fast to leave the dog far behind. Still, it chased them.

Heroic or not, he drove them safely into the gate of Curtin Village. The dog was nowhere to be found. Inside Curtin Village, they meet fellow resident, Azureen Alya, 21 who was walking around. They told her their stories. You may imagine the 'dramatism' faces of Acad Rashad, Dayang Nabelle and Intan Mashitah.

None of the passengers were hurt during the incident.-The Chukai Insider

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  1. Memang sangat-sangat drama, it's almost funny. Terima je la. Hahahaha.

    Azureen Alya


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