07 August 2011

Ramadhan State of Mind

It seems very hard to get the feeling of excitement during Ramadhan. Most of us take the Ramadhan as a routine. While we all know how important, how significant it is, there is always this business-as-usual mentality. Ramdhan is coming, and yes the daily bazaar visits and terawih came to mind. Yes, I'm talking about myself. One simple question a penceramah asked the audience yesterday was "How many of us get excited when Ramadhan is coming? What did we do on the last day of Sya'aban to welcome the first day of Ramadhan?"

It's very hard to be in the Ramadhan State of Mind. Today, every single click can make you go to Youtube, Facebook and Twitter. From there, you decide to go to which channel, which page and which tweets to be replied. 

What I meant by Ramadhan State of Mind is being in control of what we do that is aligned with what Allah asked/recommended and Nabi Muhammad asked/recommended us to do. And get the meanings out of the deeds. Not just doing good deeds, but to get revelations and meanings out of it. 

Self-control is my challenge. Reducing what comes out of my mouth is the primary goal. For a person who stops talking just before going to bed, it is a challenge to reduce talking. Why I wanted to be more quiet? Talking and keep talking reduces my consciousness, since things I've talked about are mainly nothing related to anything good. Nothing that will lead to me some kind of consciousness or revelations. Hence, less talking.

Something I know for sure is that if you keep yourself busy doing things that make you feel closer to Allah SWT will bring the Ramadhan State of Mind to you. Hopefully, once we have it, the state of mind will be permanently there throughout our lives. Maybe this Ramadhan is the turning point.-The Chukai Insider

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