17 September 2011

I was born Malaysian

Location: Kundasang. Photo: The Chukai Insider
Malaysia Day has passed us. I do not know how your version of celebrating Merdeka and Malaysia Day but surely is something that we have always taken for granted.

I leave the space to tell about our histories to the newspapers, documentaries and to some both clever and stupid politicians. Besides, there are lots of versions of the history of Malaysia than any other time in the media today. Go to The Star, you will have the snippets of its own version of history and The Malaysian Insider features many articles with many different opinions. Watch a politician’s Youtube video, you will totally get another different version. Aren’t they enough for you to get interactive learning of your nation’s history? Duhh.

However, we must take stand to so that we know we are heading in our process of understanding. It does not mean we are closed for discussion and further corrections when we take our stand. For me, the notion that our nation had never been colonised before is just playing with semantics. Why not? (You can read all the legal stuffs portrayed by the historians at other websites). Colonisation was not just about playing with legal words, agreements and paper works. It is beyond that. So, when some quarter of people saying that we were not colonised before made me think of how we view our dijajah era. Was it just about the technical details that marked the colonisation period? Was there no penjajahan (colonisation) to the minds of the people?  Or as in Malay ‘penjajahan minda’?

But it is good that we have this kind of thing in Malaysia. Our society has begun to mature and able to accept people’s views and synthesise from it. From there, we would be able to judge which are the best opinions and the most perfect version. Mind you that we live in a democratic society and open discussion and projection of ideas are things that make us a blooming democracy. In my Trengganu words- gining baru kelas, nampok pandai-pandai orang Malaysia. Dok la ikut belake cakap orang! Hok mane betul tu betul gok! Nampok macang negare maju skit! Dok ke kelas gitu?
How can it be more interesting than to live in today’s political landscape? Many things are happening in our political world which we cannot run away from since it shapes our society and consequently shaping us. Don’t you think we would have been a different person if we were born in a communist country? Yes, Mat Sabu. Anything to add? Or the pain on your right/left leg come again and you are not able to answer that? I thought the expensive medicine made the pain gone? No?

Enough of that.

Or would it be different if we were born in a nation where there was only one religion, one race or even one party? That would be worse for Muslims in Malaysia. Where would there be space for you to get to know each of different people when our religion says that we must get to know each other?

Overall, Alhamdulillah that I was born in Malaysia. Alhamdulillah too that I was born in 1990 when after 21 years after that was the most interesting period of the political landscape of my beloved nation. Let's do something good for Malaysia!-The Chukai Insider