17 September 2011

You’re part of the problem or part of the solution

We want to effect change in our society. Or do you not?


I think you should. Young Malaysians are struggling (perhaps) to make this place as liveable as possible. Which young man does not want a place where he feels happy with everything? Who does not want to have liberty and at the same time feel secure and happy inside.

16th September which has become more significant in terms of its celebration should be the turning point for us to ask what we can do (or change) for this country called Malaysia. I have said that the politics in Malaysia and everywhere else are cyclical. It means that we may have good politicians first. Then they are replaced by those who are greedy and corrupted since they were left by the former politicians a good legacy. Then, the people power rises especially among young men to get rid of the older politicians.

Isn’t that natural?

Hence, to effect change you need to have something that impact the community isn’t it?
Have you ever met someone who has always said ‘why not the government do this to help them?’ or ‘why not the people there make this and that?’ and so on.

Maybe you ARE that SOMEONE. Sitting in your chair reading about great people doing great things and get inspired. Then, leave the chair to watch the TV.

Watch Oprah and then get inspired again. Few days later, nothing about the show or any of the great people’s stories come to your mind. Is that you?

So, let’s bring our hands together and move Malaysia forward. The change starts within ourselves.

Let’s try finding what is wrong with the government and the opposition, society, your neighbourhoods, your school, your universities, your cities, your transport providers, your electric supplier company, your telco companies’ provider and many more things to change. If you say there are no problems around, then you ARE part of the problem. The key thing is to be AWARE. How? Read - your teacher probably have said this millions of times before. Then, ACT. 

You are either part of the solution or part of the problem!-The Chukai Insider

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