03 September 2011

Official Announcement: Ainul Accepted The Challenge Made by Faidhi Yusoff

The Chukai Insider would like to announce that the official challenge of reading all of Ainul Mardhiah's summer booklist has been accepted by Ainul Mardhiah herself. The agreement includes a series of reviews of the books that Ainul have read from the summer booklist as a proof of reading on The Chukai Insider. As a return, Faidhi will give her a new set of sofa to her as a gift when she gets married. If she does not able to finish all of the 28 books in 23 days, she will get an OFFICIAL HUMILIATION.  

The Chukai Insider has been told that Faidhi Yusoff is extremely excited about this and a little bit scared at first. Then, he thought what a life mean to Ainul without challenges? Mind you that Ainul is a fast reader and that is a very doable challenge. To the readers of The Chukai Insider, you will be the witnesses of The Great Chukai Insider Challenge 2011. This is part of The Chukai Insider first anniversary celebration. The Official Acceptance by Ainul Mardhiah may be found HERE and HERE.

The Chukai Insider acts as the official media for this event. Vertical Carousel is the official media partner. Others are welcomed to join this great challenge. 

Thank you.

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