13 October 2011

The Great Train Robbery

OH HAI Faidi.
Aku lapor and tengah tunggu pizza defrost dalam oven, doktau nok wak mende, so...

Book Reviews. That's all I know to write in this blog, anything otherwise would be overshadowed by the blog owner's immensely wide and LOUD knowledge of all things important on this planet. Well, at least in Malaysia lah. Take it however way you want, a compliment, sarcasm, both? Something else entirely? Well, as long as it's appreciated, my inexpert ramblings will find a home here.

The Great Train Robbery by Micheal Crichton, my favourite author in the entire universe.

This book is set in Victorian England, which in my opinion is one of the most interesting settings for literature. The best part is, this book is not written in old English, which most books with a Victorian England setting is prone to. OK, again, I haven't read like that many books, so if I'm wrong, well, don't be mean.

Anyways, it's about how this supermegafoxyawesomehot con-man ala Neal Caffrey plans an elaborate train robbery. I found this book interesting albeit in a Geekish way because I get to learn about Victorian England a lot and unlike other Michael Crichton books I've read, it's not science fiction. So there were not many impossible paragraphs and long words you have to read several times over to digest. It's funny too. So if you enjoy, I don't know, Sherlock Holmes mixed with Dan Brown? Well then you got yourself a Michael Crichton special :)


  1. Oh Haha! Sarcasm in which a hati kering like me does not care..

    Malaysia's your country where you live in... please make it a better place...

  2. Pergh, Hafiz ko kena support aku jadi hati kering... hahaha!

  3. ouch. aku dok support orang berhati kering!


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