14 October 2011

Hudud Issue: How about you?

Have you heard the brouhaha about Hudud issue in Malaysia? Yes, for only Allah SWT knows how many times have this issue being raised to the public discussion and fall to deaf ears months after that. Like a crab in holes of the sand at the beach, it will come out to the surface of the public's mind by any means but ultimately by one of the so-called Islamist party of Malaysia- The Greens. 

If you consider yourself a Muslim, you should not take this as something brought up by a political party. Believe me, even me who are really anti of the political dinosaurs of the Greens think that we should never take this as a political games or ploy. We the Muslims either on  the Reds and the Greens must take this seriously. So are the young of this time!

Again, be grateful to Allah SWT that in His barakah and opportunities that we are able to come across with this issue when we are still in early twenties or younger. Don't you think it is a sign of a better world for Malaysians?

If they do not raise the issue in public, would you ever give a damn about Hudud? Nay.

I would not go to the details of Hudud as I am not an expert but I AM A MALAYSIAN and have the right of expressing opinion under the Constitution. 

First and foremost  I think Mr.N said one of the dumbest thing when he said 'No hudud in Malaysia' as he already put a dot on the issue. While a Malaysian Project Manager (PM) must become the mediator in most cases, and then rolled out his stand, he did the opposite thing. How dumber could it be?

When you said that, it gives the impression even you don't understand the concept of Hudud itself and you yourself say you are a Muslim and the leader of a Muslim country and yet what Allah SWT says are denied by you. Yes, we are not able to do it since the current situation will make it worst (more of that here) but in mu humble opinion, we should strive to bring the society towards there. Being a Malaysian Project Manager does not mean you have the word to go against your God. In that sense, you against the trust of the people and you took an oath before. Nay?

It is ubiquitous nowadays to see the so-called I-am-a-Muslim-too and yet they translate the religious issues on literal basis without Quranic verses and interpretations. Yes, to Non-Muslims reading this, you do not have to worry about not understanding Hudud (and) most of the time you get misled by the wrong authority since it will not bring harm to you (we do not stone you to death if you don't want the laws).You always get misled by the wrong people. Even Muslims themselves don't understand it. Even if they understand, they already set their mind that Hudud is 'uncivilised' and therefore cannot be implemented. For example- THIS ARTICLE. What do you mean  by 'No hudud please, we're Malaysians'. No offence, but I still think if you do not even care to wear enough fabrics to cover your aurat, I don't think you have the capacity to even deny about it. Furthermore, you misled others. Isn't that asking Muslims to have bad impressions on their own religion? Even worse, you play around with the issue and make it a laughing matter. One obvious stupid thing you did- referring rape as adultery while in fact it is not. You should read this.

As a humble slave of Allah SWT, I encourage you to think about this issue. It is not political, trust me. It is your life and it goes back to you and your life. I still think that Hudud cannot be implemented YET in Malaysia (and even in one of its states) but the efforts to bring the people towards the level of Hudud-ness (my own term) must be done. 

What I mean by this is mentioned in by Dr Asri in his website:

Nabi s.a.w sebelum menegaskan tentang hudud, baginda mewujudkan suasana keadilan yang menyeluruh dalam masyarakat yang diperintah oleh baginda. Pemerintah dan rakyat sama setaraf di hadapan undang-undang. Tiada diskriminasi keturunan dan latar belakang. Suanana kebajikan; bantu membantu, tolong menolong antara masyarakat yang kukuh. Jaminan hak rakyat yang diberikan. Suasana halal yang mudah; mudah berkahwin, talak, fasakh, khuluk dan selainnya. Tiada alasan untuk lelaki ataupun wanita berzina. Sementara suasana haram yang diketatkan; sukar mendapat dan menebusi perkara haram

And yet we still do not have that. This is what I referred to as going for Hudud-ness.

Hudud-ness refers to the conditions in which all of the environments, laws and leaders provide the base for Hudud to be implemented. 

Simple question: As good a law could be, if the implementers are as bad as today's, what will happen? 

Again, the name of Islam will be used to against it and thereby putting bad impressions on the religion.

To the columnist who wrote 'No hudud please', please understand the law carefully first and don't make yourself look 'SO DUMB' to the millions of readers of the newspaper.-The Chukai Insider


  1. Oh please, no offence? I would lead with nothing BUT offence towards her...Giler memalukan...and I agree one hundred percent with all you're saying and I mean ALL of it, although I'm not allowed to in public. Cubalah faham...

  2. you're making me itch to vote...

  3. Her statement is offensive and yet no religious authorities seem to care. Not even to debate with her on intellectual basis. She will continue doing this again and again.

    Only Dr Asri explained this issue with the voice to explain to the clueless general masses.

    Have you registered to vote?

  4. No,dok sempat last time and ingat nak daftar online tapi no luck...


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