19 October 2011

An iPad is okay too

I couldn't resist my temptation of having and iPad anymore. But like each single time before, this too, shall past. 

Why do I want an iPad? Well, I read this and of course it is like the best recommendation for me since it is from a friend. 

To quote Ainul (well, if you read this, some people in Curtin call you Kak Chuk! ~I don't know how you will respond to that):

If you're thinking of getting a cute netbook so you don't have to carry that huge heavy laptop around, think again. Get an Ipad instead. Being more or less blind to gadgets and electronics, if a gadget can impress me, then a better deal you shall not find. First (and best) of is the battery life on this baby. If you don't do anything at all with it, I'm guessing it can last like five days or something. Not that I ever tested. But my ipad can usually last two days without charging when used quite a fair amount. Second is the size. I'll let that speak for itself.

1. Flipboard. It's like your own ipad sized customized magazine. Beautiful interface, totally free.

2. iBooks I don't care what people say about the kindle app (which is probably only really good if you live in the UK or US of A) or any other reading app. iBooks is good enough for me. You can just download any pdf or word or powerpoint document and open it on iBooks and they're automatically saved for your reading pleasure.

5. The included Newsstand app. I haven't compared this with anything else, but I love it cause you can buy an annual Reader's Digest subscription for only $14.99! I bought it just so I'll force myself to read my money's worth. Otherwise I'll go brain dead from all the medical stuff. It's nice to know that you can just decide to buy any magazine on a whim with this app. Ipad magazines/papers are not like regulars ones either. They're not better, just more interactive.

8. Quran Explorer. It's FREE! Finally, a free Quran app. I still prefer hard copy but this is still useful for quick references. 

9. How Stuff Works. Yes, for all you nerds out there. Here's your app! I downloaded it just so I'll actually read material other than my textbooks this school year.

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