16 October 2011

Mee Jawa and A Bloody Mini Geological Excursion

Sunday should be spent wisely. It's either you are on the bed making extra sleep or doing something good that others don't do. For example, going for a Mee Jawa Trip with friends and had a mini geological excursion since  the place was very near to the beach. Rocks were found and friendships were strengthen. And for one particular geologist-in-the-making, a bloody accident.

 Note the vein of minerals on this rock. The width was quite large and hence photo time. It's not so easy to see a vein this big on a rock. On another rock, a friend of us Mamat found pyroxene. They really were green on the rock surface but not as good as the sample in the lab.

Look at the boundaries between the granitic rock and the other unknown type of rock. The most important part of this picture is the bleeding finger of a geologist-in-the-making who 'played' around with a rock before. Oh, what a true blue geologist, Hafiz!
-The Chukai Insider

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