15 October 2011

Scorchingly Hot Tusan Beach

Hello fellow Insiders! And a special 'hello' to Mamat!

One word to describe Tusan Beach field trip- hot. 

Another word to add- super! So, super-hot!

In my friend's word- 'serius nak mampus to the maximum'.

Well, some technical details of the trip- it was for Evolving Earth Systems and Palaeontology unit and hence more fossils! The theme was 'The Present is the Key to the Past' which actually was like a dogma for any palaeontologist and every geologist should know that.

Enough words I guess.

Fossils of molluscs particularly bivalves were ubiquitous at the Tusan outcrops. And sea caves too.

This is Ophiomorpha, a kind of trace fossil made by burrowing organisms. When they burrowed, they left traces of their activities (burrowing, digging, molting) on the sedimentary layers. Most of the Ophiomorpha found were almost parallel to the sedimentary layers. Even trace fossils have species name!

The felsic-turned-mafic geology students after a super duper hot field trip at the beach. -The Chukai Insider

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