27 October 2011

Obama is so smart.

Why do I say Barack Obama is so smart. Give yourself some times to watch the video till the end and you will know how Barack Obama is being 'kind' to the Muslims and the Palestnians particularly. 

How is that so?

Before coming to the world as the President of the most powerful nation, probably he did not really acknowledge the problem. And now, when he know about the 'seriousness' of the problem and he really felt that the problem is the Israelis. But can he do anything?

So, that was his chance to tell the world that he is trapped.

No. That means he is not powerful. I beg to differ, Time Magazine- you could not have been more wrong.

With his answer, a lot of people should realise that the Israelis rule the world by proxy as said by our former Prime Minister, Dr. Mahathir. 

Analyse Obama's answer and you know that was 'bullshitting'. 

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