08 November 2011

Be Islamic, be critical

When people put a final dot on someone, as in the person is supporting this and that, I wonder what will happen to the world when the person put the wrongs as rights and the rights as wrongs. How can we see black and white? Grey?

Is it a common thing for you to see when someone 'seemed' inclined to a political party, he or she will be forced and fed with the dogma that all of the things done by the so-called 'inclined party' are supported by him or her. 

Then, where is the room for critical thinking and judgements on your side?

Why is the divisive acts continue to exist in our daily conversations? Why do we believe that once the leaders of any organisations made a statement, the lower groups of people ARE surely in parallel believes with the leader?

We are all striving for a better Malaysian. And yet we choose different inclinations of doing things. With our own ways. And hence, different 'inclined support to a political party'.

But at the same time, it does not mean we fully agree to every detailed actions and efforts made by the party. That is why critical thinking is first and foremost important! Think people, think! Don't jump to conclusions straight away otherwise you will place yourselves with the same level as today's politicians whom I have little credit to give for and hence, much less respects.

My word is- you may choose sides. Part of the reasons is because of the way you were brought up, as my friend suggested. But all of us want a better Malaysia. 

Do you think when the Other Side is ruling, the root problems will die away? No. They are embedded in the society and societies are made up of us, and so it depends on us. And so, this quote could not be further from the truth- "Tegakkanlah daulah Islam di dalam hati-hati kalian, niscaya dia akan tegak di negeri kalian" (Hasan Al-Hudaibi).

A critical society would know when to know what is wrong and right because it does not mean when you are Red, the Green is wrong. And when you are Green, the Red is wrong all the time. Although we see many flaws in the Pale Blue, it does not mean they are all wrong, a little credit should go when it is right.

So, at the end of the day, we are all the same. So, don't divide yourself further from each other. Make Greens and Reds work together, and I would be much happier.

Did the Prophet Muhammad SAW denied the questions of the deniers? Did He not answer each single question with proofs and full of grace to make the other side happy and accept the Truth? Did He slammed the other side with harsh words? Did He just leave us with nothing to follow with? Simple questions like these are hard to be answered. Why? Because even these basic things are hard for us to follow.  -The Chukai Insider

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