05 November 2011

It starts with 'me' and not 'you'.

‎"Tegakkanlah daulah Islam di dalam hati-hati kalian, niscaya dia akan tegak di negeri kalian" (Hasan Al-Hudaibi)

I found this on my friend's Facebook wall. And to his credit, it struck me of how things are going on. It is rightful for you to view this as a matter that goes back to your own heart. It is a muhasabah quote I would say. Many say we should do Islamic and yet they crossed the lines in airport. 

And yet, the rooms left empty are filled with lone couple/s.

And yet, supporting other than what Allah SWT has asked for.

And yet, being hurtful to others.

And yet, they are the ones talking about Islamic country.

And so, first to myself and others, let the change starts within us.-The Chukai Insider

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