04 November 2011

A Country at the Crossroads

It seems like Malaysia has never been more open enough in terms of discussion of many things that involve principles, ideologies and beliefs. More divided than before, I would say. Or more concreted to each other as I would want to see it. And yet, while having these tonnes of issues which were considered 'sensitive' the proponents of freedom of speech still fighting for their cause. I think they like to oppose much until they forgot when to stop. Once born Opposition, you keep opposing without any judgements whether they are good or bad. All things are bad, according to you. Unless you are the ones making bad stuffs, no one can put the issues in their newspapers. Well Seputeh's, that's for you. Why did I say that? Do you remember when one of your fella 'rocket' members say our flag should be changed and you told the media to keep the thing off and move on. Oh, how dumber could you get when your leaned-towards-you media been bashing all things done by the other side.

I am not saying that I am on that side. It is just you do things so unpragmatic without credibilities and of course the right word is 'stupid'. Well, it's the rockets. I wonder what the White Moon on the Greens would say since the Rockets are their 'allies'. 

Well, the one with the big serban in Kelantan would just speak with his accent and things would be kept shut. He likes to keep others shut with his sharp and yet unconclusive words. I do respect him but never want him to become my leader.
The other side is no better. When Moderation is the key as they would say, the extreme championista are at their sides. I don't want a wife looks like having her time of life when his husband is the Project Manager (PM) of the country. More hairdo, huh? Make it bigger. 

When some people still do not understand hudud, and its application, the Project Manager straight away said 'NO' when majority of those who understood it thought he should not say that. It really shows that you don't understand the concept and yet you bring the Islamic notion to the international level. Aren't you ashamed? And while at the back, the Queen Bee still does not cover her hair. When could you say it's not yet time or so-called 'your rights', please remember that you are the slave of Allah SWT in this world, and you are not obeying His words. And yet, you tell others in the country to follow you while in my eyes, you don't even have the guts to adhere to your religion closely when it is of paramount importance.

One side is too much to the worldly matters, the other side is no better except in a different way. The opportunist rocket is watching. Still, The Chukai Insider is wondering why the Red Keris and The White Moon on the Greens cannot work together? If tarbiyah is the dogma of The White Moon on the Greens, then they should be acting like friends and not bashing the other side like you don't want to be friends. To the Red Keris, we all know most of you agreed with what The White Moon on the Greens fight for, but why the arrogance?

Everyone was brought up in different ways and so we have different opinions. However, we have always wanted the best in Malaysia. How do you define that is different again. Let's work on it. Yes, the Reds and Greens, please work on your relationship and we can move on, happily ever after.-The Chukai Insider

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