02 November 2011

The Westing Game

It was either that or Arundhati Roy's The God of Small Things. I choose The Westing Game simply because I enjoyed it more, although the other novel did receive more nods and supposedly more cred. 

This is the kind of book that you'll find yourself saying, "Aaaahhh *sigh*, The Westing Game..." when you find yourself thinking about it. Which happens to me, a lot.

It's one of the best mysteries I've ever read! The characters are all so charming and intriguing in their own way and it reminds me of this old black and white movie I once watched on Cinemax, a mystery thriller, suffice to say. I forgot the title though, I was like ten so it's not my fault.

The Westing Game was written by Ellen Raskin a long long time ago, so it's under the category of 'Puffin Classics'. The story is about how a wealthy man comes up with a plan to find the right heir to his fortune. All the 'candidates' have to figure out who among them is a murderer and the one who does wins the fortune. Interesting, no? It sounds like the stuff old Hitchcock movies are made of. Or maybe I'm just talking about Identity? Which is an EXCELLENT movie by the way.

Anyway, apart from being a classic, The Westing Game also falls under the children's book category although I assure you, the writing is still befitting for a twenty one year old. It's just, of course, a lot more simple than say, Solar, which was a TERRIBLE read. I have lost count of how many times I mentioned that on this blog. Sorry Mr McEwan sir, I just can't stand that book of yours. I'm pretty sure it was one of the reasons I lost the book challenge. Solar was just too daunting to finish. I should have just skipped.

Again, I digress.

Aaaahhh The Westing Game...
Fast read (it's pretty thin), interesting enough to keep you reading (unlike that Solar of a book!) and definitely one of the best twisted ending I have ever had the fortune to read. My sister says it reminds her of the Saw movies. So there's that.

And Faidhi, about that request thing. I'm sorry but I feel like I have lost the debaters' talent of keeping a clear head and reigning in your emotions when arguing about an idea. Sad but at least I realize this and how ridiculously old I'm getting. So maybe one day when I have a more or less level headed mood, I'll comment on that dastardly link you put on my facebook wall. But for now, I have nothing wise enough to say about it without getting slammed and being called un-democratic or kampung-minded or even *gasp* un-One-Malaysian!

I have, however, been thinking long and hard about it since. It really is very disturbing.
Argh is taking too long to load.

Al-A'raf, 199-201 :) << Thinking brought me to this.

One thing I noticed though, whenever people murtad (nauzubillah), they always have bad things to say about Islam. They will create blogs and facebook pages and the likes just to humiliate Islam even more. But when people masuk Islam, they don't do all these things and don't humiliate their old religions. So you know, that's saying something.

Of course, me saying this simply means I personally haven't come across a muallaf like that yet so if you have another opinion than by all means communicate them. 

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