16 November 2011


This is the most winter-like Terengganu can get. With the rain, muddy roads and the non-stop wipers on the screen, this is monsoon. The wind from the high-pressure air of the cold China is blowing to the low-pressure air of warm Australia down under. As the wind passes through Terengganu, it brings along the clouds. The clouds. It looks like Voldemort is coming but he never does. Bummer. 

While the kids are staying inside, the mothers have to cook lunch early as most of the kids get hungry easily in this cold season. Fats are burned. Cold. Windy. The Chinese winds. Hence, they are hungry.

The sound of the rain droplets fills your ear. The monsoon music.

In a place somewhere in the north, there will be a race. The fishermen will not go to the sea this monsoon season. The wind is their eternal enemy. Yet, a group of boat sailors are flocking to Kuala Terengganu for a monsoon cup. Ops, Monsoon Cup. Money. Champion. No benefits to me. Not interesting. Ugh.

Frankly speaking, the race is boring. Waste. Promotion? Not so much Caucasians are dropping by! Still a promotion? 

Chukai-ans do not depend on fishing industry as their source of income although there are some keropok lekor making in Kuala Kemaman, but all of the penggetel keropok lekor seem  like they are rich enough even without going to the sea to catch fish. Their bungalows are bigger than my house. Perhaps only infinitesimal amount of fisherman still exist in Kuala Kemaman. But this is the time when fish price is rocketing to the moon! At least that is what my father says. No one is going to the sea, so no fish in pasor (to orang luor, it's PASAR), more demand, less supply equal to RMsssss. Mahal! Orang puteh kabo it's bloody expensive! Mahal sampai berdarah-darah!

That is why I eat only chicken. I want to reduce the burden of my father buying expensive fish. 

Rain brings a heavy problem to the people of Chukai. Traffic. Everyone has a car. Ops, every family has almost more than one car! Some even have more cars than the number of their family members. Maybe Al-Gore can come here and lecture these people about environmentalism crap. Your visit will boost Kemaman's popularity too. At least there is one American coming to Mak Chili! 

There is a Porsche. I do not know who drives it. Oh, the black Porsche going to the not-so-Mak-Chili-anymore Kampung Mak Chili. Yes, not-so-Mak-Chili-anymore compared to 10 years ago! By the way, there are so many longkang besor (GIANT drains) in constructions. Flood prevention. Good. Our own Smart Tunnel. Mak Chili Flood Prevention System (MC-FloPS)

I do not want a Porsche. If someone wants to give it to me, then Alhamdulillah! I might as well sell the car back, and get and i-Pad. Ops, I think I will buy more than one i-Pads so that I can give them to my siblings and friends. Oh, the dream. 

Oh the monsoon... and a little sister who is still holding the TV remote control tight in her hand. When is my turn?

Oh...hungry again. I blame the cold monsoon.-The Chukai Insider

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  1. "That is why I eat only chicken. I want to reduce the burden of my father buying expensive fish".
    I like the statement. 
    So am I.


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