17 November 2011

BOOK: I am so excited I have to post this!

Here Comes The 'Aftermath Sale'!! (24th November 2011 - 28th November 2011)

This Mod has a very important announcement to make today. Don’t worry people, even though it’s not exactly the latest, we guarantee you they are good news.  Heard of the ‘Big Bad Wolf Sale’ last month at M.A.E.P.S.? Correct! An aftermath sale is coming up before Mr. Wolf wrap up his party for good, pack up, and goes counting down for 2012.

Kindly do not confuse this ‘Aftermath Sale’ (also dubbed as ‘Fire Sale’) with the ‘Big Bad Wolf Sale’ as books at the ‘Aftermath’ are remainders of the previous sale. Range of selection will be limited and you’ll also find books in imperfect conditions.

Major highlight of the ‘Aftermath’ is that all books will be going for RM 5 and below (all stocks must go!). Asides from that, you’ll be entitled for a ‘3-Years Free Membership Redemption’ and also a ‘Big Bad Wolf’ bookmark with every purchase you make as our token of appreciation. OCBC credit card holders will also enjoy additional 5% discount when they use their card for purchase. Porter services are as usual, will be available throughout the sale to help you with your loads to your vehicle.

The Aftermath Sale will be going on for five days from 24th November 2011 – 28th November 2011 at South City Plaza, Serdang (kindly refer to address & map below) from 10 a.m. to 9 p.m. daily. So hurry grab you bags, trolleys, boxes, and most importantly your wallet and head to the ‘Aftermath Sale’! Our Big Bad Wolf team awaits your arrivals.

Feel free to follow ‘Big Bad Wolf’ on their Facebook by clicking ‘Like’ @ for further updates and firsthand information from time to time. Thank you.

Ground Floor, South City Plaza,
Persiaran Serdang Perdana,
Seksyen 1, 43300 Seri Kembangan,

GPS Coordinate:
N 03’ 01.715”
E 101’ 42.611”

Public Transport (after dropping off at KTM ‘Serdang’ Station):
Rapid KL Bus: U416 / U432
Metro Bus: No. 8
Asides from buses, you can also take a Taxi from the train station to South City Plaza.


  1. Ainul Mardhiah UbaidillahNovember 18, 2011 at 6:29 PM

    Faidhi,jgn salahkan parents pasal boarding school tu. aku terasa...aku xmboh sgt gi sbp masa form 4 tapi mak aku cakap that's the best for me and it turned out to be true. pastu adik aku nok gi tapi mak aku ckp x pyh and that turned out to be the best as well. so aku x setuju. anak2 kena ikut ckp parents walaupun diorg xmboh cause that's the general rule isn't it? in the end ada berkat rather than retaliate and terus dpt dosa...

  2. Sometimes that turned out to be bad for their children too. They get depressed and just won't do the right stuffs to succeed. In the end, it depends on the students themselves but parents have to give them choices as well. Don't just force, but give reasons behind their actions ie.forcing them to study in a boarding school. Your parents might give reasons that you can accept, but how about others?

  3. Btw, I don't blame the parents...I just give my opinion...


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