02 December 2011

Told you I'd Jinx It (title doesn't make sense unless you read my blog which you probably don't)

The SPM is happening in Malaysia now, or so I'm told. Word of mouth is a powerful unreliable thing.

So yes, let's say the SPM is happening right now. Afterwards will be the great chase for scholarships and the delusion that if your child doesn't get sponsored to study overseas, it's not a good enough offer. Then there will the more dangerous delusion that 'my child should get the scholarship, my child is better than him or her or yours, my child has better grades and better economic and co-curricular background on his resume than those other scholars. And he or she probably only got the scholarship cause of an inside job or because they're Malay' *gasp*

What these parents/students don't realize is they're losing their humility. Who are you to say that you deserve a scholarship more than the people who got them? Who are you to deny other people's rezeki? Who are you to demand for so much and to claim so much about yourself?

You win some you lose some. Some people have all the luck, and that's true. But I respect the people who are willing to accept their fate, who are humble enough to stand back and smile rather than those who arrogantly lobby their children's supposedly super impressive more than good enough resumes in local newspapers and writing letters of complaint to the editorial asking for justification or even to the extent of suing their sponsors for not giving them what they want. The truth is, it's not your turn. It's somebody else's time, so back off and accept your fate. Honestly I have never met a scholar who did not deserve what he/she got. We are all impressive in some way or another, we Malaysian scholars all have the right criteria to have earned our scholarships. The problem is there aren't enough scholarships to give to every student out there. We are not like other developed countries where you can get nearly free tertiary education. We are developing. So the sponsors have to choose, that's what the interviews and exams are for.

We're chasing after this life so fast and hard that we forget that we're actually leaving humanity behind. Complaining just because you have the right resources, just because you can, is not the mark of a civilised person. It is the mark of a whiner. I could go on about the people who complain about food in a restaurant but that would make this post too long. What it all boils down to is humility and whether you have it and whether you realize it when you don't. That's what gets you respected in the end, not money or studying overseas or having a loud opinion. 

-The Chukai Insider writing as Ainul Mardhiah Ubaidillah

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