04 December 2011

It's all politics

No, I am not going to discuss about the endless drama that is the actors are those in tudung tak cukup kain nak cover jambul kat depan but the international ignorance of giving aids to those who are in need. A program in a news network questions the aids given by the US where terrorism was widespread. So, the idea is that it is okay to let more hungry people die when there are terrorists who would have killed them anyway? Nice, job rich West nations!

Steve Jobs' death focused all homo sapien's attention to him. He was rich. He was influential.

It is not one, but thousands of Somalians die every day (even today!) and there is none of their stories featured on the front page of newspapers today while Steve Jobs' biography still tops the booksellers list.
I wonder where on earth the so-called human right activists in Malaysia who championed the Seksualiti Merdeka gone to defend these Somalians to have 'basic human rights to food and water'? Isn't that one of the most important human rights too? 

Getting access to food and water is more important than the freedom to go outside and show your queer without fear I would say. 

Or do you just care about sex? Based on what you are not doing now, I think you are. It's a sex nation.

Why not make an assembly to alert the Malaysians about this situation? I know you won't because this is neither about Cleaning the Politics or Sex Freedom. No one will come. 

Well Mrs. MM, that is why you must go back to the reasons explained in the Al-Quran. My father said 'when people are so smart but forgot to refer to Al-Quran, they will feel they are in greater knowledge of the world than the Al-Quran'.-The Chukai Insider

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