04 December 2011

Islam to a Chinese politician

When the Prime Minister was talking about the moderate values that need to be uphold, probably he did not think the limits to which moderations lie. To put the lines again is hard with the multicultural society of Malaysia.

The majority are Muslims in Malaysia. Whether they are practising Muslims or not is a different question because they share a similar thing- protecting Islam is their primary goal. Things that hold them united are Islam and issues that are related to the religion eg. hudud implementation, status of Islam, apostasy. Even to those who are not fully practising the religion, they defend the religion wholeheartedly. For me, it is better than them go against their own religion like some columnists who are in support of liberal ideas without referring to the Al-Quran or Hadiths as their sources when they proclaim themselves as Muslims. It is a sad situation.

It is even sadder to read this news today when a top Chinese politician said 'Hudud bad for business'. It is okay if you do not understand the law and its implementation but the act of going public to say that it is bad is unacceptable. Having ideas and opinions come with responsibilities. 

  1. Investors will flee Malaysia if hudud is made federal law
    • Hudud (if implemented) will provide a better environment for business. We do not want investors who come to our countries and feel unsafe and insecure. The hudud principle is to bring justice. In the process, the procedures will make it harder for the wrongdoers to be punished without thorough investigations. There are a lot of misconception given by leaders and Muslims alike which make the hudud implementation will oppress people while in fact justice is done. 
    • Maybe the Chinese politician views Saudi Arabia as a model nation where hudud law is implemented. Saudi Arabia is more than that and even if hudud is implemented, Malaysia is never going to get close to that. Saudi Arabia hold strongly to the principles of Wahabism which is another thing this Chinese politician has to know that there are many interpretations of the Al-Quran and Hadiths but Malaysian Muslims are all for progressive development. 
    • Disallowing women to drive is never mentioned in the Al-Quran. Women are even allowed to go to war in Islam. Hence to say that Islam is oppressive to woman is just plain stupid. A medical degree did not teach you that, isn't it? But you are living in Malaysia and your words are responsible for what you believe in.  
  2. Hudud is not fair to all, particularly women
    • Again, it is understandable that you do not understand Islam. Hence, if you do not understand the religion, never try to say things which are wrong about the religion. Furthermore, you are telling it to the public.
    • Although you failed to explain how Islam is not fair to women your action has somehow managed to make the practising Muslim women angry. In which part of hudud that women is placed lesser than men? 
    • Islam has hudud as part of its component. Hence, when you say hudud is not fair to women, you are saying Islam is not fair to women as well. It is a baffle to rational minds when you said so. I do not have to elaborate further since Muslim women can stand up on their own to criticise you. 
  3. To the politician, please read this not for once, but at least for five times so that you can understand and keep your mind open. Let me tell you, openness to ideas is also one of Muslim values which enable the Muslims in Malaysia to progress. You on the other hand, are so closed-minded to understand about our religion. 
Needles to say that your statement offends Muslims. Malaysian Muslims do not have to go far to explain about their religion.- The Chukai Insider

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