05 December 2011

Where are the Islamic Studies graduates?

Do you remember a top-gun Chinese politician featured on a sex video before? Well, apparently he said something that hurts the Muslim populations in Malaysia yesterday. This is where freedom of speech and democracy failed. Democracy allows freedom of speech to anyone regardless of his or her moral standard and credibility. Freedom to speak comes with responsibility. While we are supporting Malaysia to become a more matured democracy, it does not mean you have to put negative statements on issues which are close to the hearts of the Muslims. Being responsible not to hurt the other's feeling by condemning their religion's decree is something that we Malaysians really need. However, even a top politician failed to realise the concept of 1Malaysia in which acceptance of other's religion practice.

It is understandable that he does not understand the concept of how most Malaysian Muslims want the Hudud is implemented here. We do not look for models in Arab countries in doing so. There are so many things that you do not know, Mr. I-was-in-a-sex-video! 

However, a thing that baffles my mind is where are the Islamic graduates that Malaysians produce locally and abroad to answer, rebut and then make Malaysians understand the concept. It is agreed to most Malaysian Muslims (in this context, those who do not speak out via columns in newspapers or politicians) that Hudud cannot be implemented yet since there are lots of preconditions to be met. But since this I-was-in-a-sex-video man is offending ordinary Muslims (Hudud is part of Islam, therefore offending Hudud as a decree of Allah SWT is offending Muslims, although we all know you will deny it after this), I wondered where are the Muslims have gone?

Where are the Islamic Studies graduates have gone? 
I am not saying the responsibilities of dakwah fall under the Islamic Studies graduates only, but your focus of studies should enable us the rest who are not formally educated in particular subjects (hudud, nation building etc.) to understand them. I know the responsibilities fall under each of the Muslims, but we also need some education on the issues. This is where your parts are welcomed in the society. Do not make us scared by saying this and that. Make us understand and blend with the communities in the most creative ways possible. Then, there will be Muslims unity.

When Muslims are united, it should be easier for Muslims and non-Muslims alike to progress and not being stopped by non-intellectual politicians who are just so good in manipulating people.

Government sends students to Al-Azhar University, to Jordan and we even have our own international Islamic university! Where are the thousands of scholars who can speak for the ordinary Muslims. We know it is not viable to implement it yet since even our top leader is not being tarbiyah-ed enough to fill the position as a Muslim but pulling out wrong statement and facts about Islamic Law are unacceptable.

This is the time when you should produce articles, letters and discussions so that not just this video star understands about the issue, but to all Malaysians. 
Even our Muslim artists do not understand the concept- that means we cannot implement it yet. Note the 'yet'.
These are the target groups for our own Islamic Studies graduates whom I think must have better scholarly facts
to educate the ordinary Malaysians.
Why not produce simple articles or discussion without using the jargons which are hard to understand so that we all know about it. There is no point for you to put out the Islamic terms without us understanding them.

Be creative, be bold and be close to the people. Millions of ringgit Malaysia have been spent using taxpayer's money. This is the responsibilities that you owe to ordinary Malaysian Muslims.-The Chukai Insider
* I am not a pengkhianat bangsa or whatsoever, but if the Muslim scholars can produce articles, campaigns or discussions both in English and Malay would be much better so that they can reach our target groups.

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