05 December 2011

To my non-Muslim friends

To my Non-Muslims friends,
The concern and terror among your hearts which has been tremendously raised was unfounded. Unfortunately it’s like fearing something that doesn’t exist. With this, be assure that Hudud is mandatory for Muslims and it is most welcome for all non-Muslims with option of Syariah Court or Civil Court.
We are fairly appreciative regarding your concern about the differences of punishment between non-Muslims and Muslims. For example when convicted of a geng robbery which consist of a Muslim and a non-Muslim, the punishment will varies between a Muslim and a non-Muslim due to civil and syariah sentences.
Whichever punishment is lenient or harsher, the non-Muslim criminal is given a choice to choose either to be sentenced in a civil or syariah court. As Muslims, we are obliged by the law of our belief (Islam) whereby if we are not sentenced in this world as accordance to the Quran, we will be sentenced harsher in the hereafter. I’m pretty sure in any religion that believes there is a hereafter; they would devote themselves to strive for a better life hereafter which is blessed eternity. Hence, deep down in our hearts we really hope that other religion would respect our belief to implement hudud in our Muslim community.
*This is not from The Chukai Insider. I found it [HERE]. We should thank the authors for doing a great job!

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