16 December 2011

Hudud: Something I've been waiting for

This video is about Hudud Law. This video should dispel myths about the law. It is an education. A knowledge person should know that opening your minds is the key to understand. I call Marina Mahathir, Zarinah Anwar and many other Muslims who mock the law to watch this and be enlightened. We prefer to use video instead of making a 'festival' or street demonstrations. Tak terasa ouch ke?- The Chukai Insider

More on Hudud here.


  1. bagus kan video ni? diterang jelas walaupun sekejap. dannn aku pernah tengok LIVE ustaz yang pakai baju warna hijau tu. hehee

  2. ni bagus nak terang pasal hudud. Pendapat aku, masyarakat kena faham dulu pasal hudud baru boleh laksanakan. Masalahnya, masyarakat pun tak faham lagi dan ini boleh menyebabkan jadi tak adil. Video macam ni la yang aku nak macam aku pernah tulis sebelum ni..

  3. Ainul Mardhiah UbaidillahDecember 17, 2011 at 2:38 AM

    aku rasa bijok dia letak matluthfi tu nak attract budak2 tgk...


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