16 December 2011

The tales on Facebook

It is getting harder and harder to read through Facebook's news feed. No, it is not the layout that bothers me. It is the tales of people's lives being posted that make me sicker day by day.
Alhamdulillah, if they are about love towards Allah SWT or to show compassion towards others. However, when it comes to your love life, no one wants to read about them.This is something universal. Your love life should always be kept private much more in our nation which is at the near end of being conservative. 
Yes, this is a free nation and you are entitled to do anything to do anything that you want. I myself in fact want to get rid of you from my Facebook friend list. I am free to do this and I surely will.

Freedom to speak of your minds comes with responsibilities. When you post about your love life (which I am not sure will bring you to marriage either), responsibilities as a son or a daughter of your parents fall on you. Most parents are on Facebook too nowadays. And it is pretty sure that those who posted 'ish geramnya aku dengan dia ni, ingat dia tu hot sangat ke?..' with annoying emoticons do not have their parents as friends on Facebook. Don't get me started with the open sins that you do when portraying your love towards your boyfriends or girlfriends through your statuses, updates and photos. 

I was known to be a guy who cannot write short forms and I am proud of that. The only short version of any word that stick to my brain is 'x' which stands for 'tak' or 'no'. Thanks to my mother and father, I was never allowed to write short forms because they think it was a waste to send you to 'sekolah tinggi-tinggi' but failed to write properly. I think Dewan Bahasa dan Pustaka has my father and mother to be commended for their efforts to prevent their child from ruining the beauty of the languages that they use in everyday's life. So, when I see those who have written posts about their tales about boyfriends ( and yes, these are mostly from girls!) with short forms and spellings that follow The National Gedix Movement Language Code pronounciations ever (ex: sayer, jumper, wase (?)), I feel like having an Avada Kedavra from Voldemort instantly. Ugh, love the language and do not ever destroy the beauty of Bahasa Melayu. It is very common till many of us who cannot write the gedix-lingo prefers to write in English since we only can write in proper Bahasa Melayu. Hence, when I write in Bahasa Melayu, the sense of skema-ness creeps into the language. I really pity Bahasa Melayu being raped on Facebook and not to mention in SMS-es but that is understandable to do. 
Now, I really thank Facebook for the options to 'unsubscribe' posts. I use the application extensively. In fact, I use it on 90% of my friends. And now, there is no more monkey love stories posts from secondary school juniors whom I never make friends with (outside virtual world) and no more posts from friends who are in constant mood to release their anger through Facebook. 

Using Facebook is about choices too. 

Now, there are no more things that qualify to be in the vomitable-posts lists. And no more angry posts from people that I barely recognised. 

I was talking about choices. I choose to have Al-Quran translations, Hadiths, advices, notes on life, life lessons, quotes from notable persons, news and opinions on Facebook. CNN News, Al-Jazeera, Huffington Post, The Star and columnists have all replaced friends which are really not friends outside Facebook. 

Friends are there to remind you when you do wrong things and keeps you focused to your religion. I do not think 'poking' your former Head Boy qualifies you to be a friend of his. Ugh.-The Chukai Insider

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