14 December 2011

I do not like my friends look stupid

*I do not like my close friends look stupid. If you are my friends and you are studying science, please read this so that you would not be blinded by facts given by politicians and of course, look stupid. Yes, it' about politics. And remember, people have different views and I respect that. I expect the same thing from you.

When it comes to Education issues, there is a group that says it should be left to the Professionals. However, when it comes to a Science (specifically a rare-earth materials issue), they are the experts in it. The Internartional Atomic and Energy Council is a no-professional to them. It is an 'old' issue but sometimes it's good to learn how stupid (or power-obsessed) a group of people are. 
This is a thing that I sometimes thinking why people still cannot see. Leave the Education to the professionals, they said. When the United Nations' International Atomic and Energy Agency (which of course made reports on Iran's nuclear programmes) published their findings, they disputed them. Wow. Leaving it to the professional, huh?

That is why I am inclined to the other side. And no, I am not the agent of the company. I was not paid to do this. Why did I say so? Because for most times, they always say that the people who are not in their sides are paid to fight against them. 

I am in no way in support one side or the other. But the scientist inside me is telling me that what is true based on experiments, theories and not just mere inferences is really true. It is not like evolutionists trying to convinve that we are from apes. They provided empirical evidences. And most importanly, the findings are verified by the international governing body. This is what each Malaysian should be taught in schools: to see things from at least two different views and analyse the situations. It is okay not to make decisions but most importantly to know which things are wrong or right. Again, the question of being right or wrong is subjective. What appears black to you may appear white to me. 

It is an issue that has been a hot one in Kuantan which is 45-minutes drive from my hometown. I did not care before because when I saw politicians began talking about science and atomic energy, I knew they don't really understand what they are saying. The politician was somehow good in her speech, but again the scientist inside me did not accept the rhetorical of hers. If Dr. Mahathir said so, I would believe in him. With backgrounds in Science and Medicine, I would believe in him much more than her. I think if you are a rational person, you would do the same thing. 

In this case, it is to choose between  a politician's facts and a science body's facts. Well, if you believe that science does not provide a more definite answer compared to a political fight, then go on to choose the side of the politician. Do not say you are boarding a plane though. Why did I say so? Well, according to facts provided by science, the radioactive emissions in flights exist while to the people of Kuantan, the radiation is zero. Well, go on listening to the politician. No, I do not think you are stupid. You're just like to pay few hundreds to get radiations on aeroplanes! That is not stupid.

I particularly like this letter published in New  Straits Times-LYNAS: I could keep thorium safely at home. The letter came from a doctor who resides in Kuantan. Even if he is not as famous as Dr. Mahathir, his credentials in Science is much better than the female politician. No? How else should I convince you? 

In his letter, the doctor said these:
  • Thorium-232 is the only radioactive element associated with rare earth mining and it  is  regarded as the future green nuclear fuel.
  •  It is present in rocks everywhere and even in its purest form, it radiates only alpha particles. (I don't know what to say if you are still studying geology and still studying rocks and yet at the same time opposing the project.)
  • Alpha particles, which consist of two protons and two neutrons, are nothing more than helium atoms without their electrons.
  • These alpha particles cannot travel  more than a few centimetres  and cannot penetrate the human skin.
     As such, you can hold a lump of pure thorium-232 in your rubber-gloved hands without any danger
  • To be  frank, I would not mind keeping a few hundred kilogrammes of pure thorium-232 in my house if someone were kind enough to give me such a valuable substance.
  • What we  need to worry about is the chemical toxic waste that such plants produce.

    But,  unfortunately, all industrial plants produce toxic waste and the only way to avoid producing these waste will be for us to remain  a poor agricultural country.

    My friends, do not just accept facts without checking properly about them. It is more important to check about them if they come from politicians.- The Chukai Insider


  1. Ainul Mardhiah UbaidillahDecember 14, 2011 at 3:29 PM

    mende yang berlaku kat kuantan?

  2. Have you ever heard about Lynas? Well, basically they want to open a rare-earth materials plant. But there are objections, of course. and bla...bla..

  3. Ainul Mardhiah UbaidillahDecember 15, 2011 at 5:15 AM

    Hahaha. Oh the things Malaysians believe... Sebab tu la kena banyok baca buku...


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