08 January 2012

Bookshelf Story

You should know that I have the best mother in the world. By that I mean she cooks all the food I want and cares about my health more than I do. Before I went to KTJ, I took granted of my ironed shirts. During this holiday, I messed up a lot of the books on my little bookshelf and she was not happy with that. So I tried to make her happy by tidying up the place and make the most of my not so antique brown shelves.

My mother almost screamed when she saw my arrangements of the book! She said how can I take the books out easily if they are arranged like this. She said why do I have to make easy things hard.

And where am I going to put this Haruki Murakami's?

 This is only half of the books. The rest are still on the floor which I do not want to show here. 
Aha, childhood memories. 336 Cerita Rakyat Malaysia.. 

These Harry Potter books are always placed on top. Look at the far end- So You Think You Know Harry Potter? How geeky was I? 
 Finally, I was able to finish arranging my books. The system goes like this- the books that I want to read or currently in reading list should be placed on top of other books. They save the space too.
 Do you still remember Goosebumps? Are the kids still reading it?
 This is the only place where Dr. Mahathir and Lee Kuan Yew can sit next to each other happily.
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